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Free write Friday #1 Question 34

If I woke up with any superpower i would probably want to have telekinesis just because it  would make things so easy.  I could just float my phone into and out of my pocket. I could curve soccer balls so they would never go into the goal, and i could make myself float(thas very lazy).  Another power i might want would be to be able to teleport. Ignoring the obvious gimmick about some parts of the earth spinning fast than others.  If that happened i would just get thrown against a wall at a very fast speed if I travel a far distance.  Anyway, It would be cool to teleport because then I could just go anywhere and not be traceable.  I could teleport into someplace across the globe and walk around. Knowing i would be selfish i could probably infiltrate a country so i would be a very good spy.  ill probably do some good things too.  I could teleport into a burning building or something and take people out of it. I could also probably be a good journalist because i could go anywhere.  A third power i might want to have instead of those two could be to fly.  That would be fairly obvious to the world and i would probably be killed or captured by the government, but it would be cool to fly around the world before that happens.  A fourth (I know i cant decide) could be bending light.  That would be trippy and i could essentially be invisible.  I could also just make a random thing pop into peoples vision and that would be pretty funny.  I could also bend lots of light into a singular beam and could make a lightsaber of some sort.  It would probably be for the better that no one had any superpowers, or else the world would be a pretty bad place


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