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The automatically refilling bowl

    There is a bowl, but not just any bowl; This bowl is special.  This bowl refills with one thing, Forever.  You may expect it to have something valuable, like money or gold or gems, but no, there is something invaluable.  The bowl refills with tape.  You may wonder: "why tape"?   I am here to tell you.  The bowl will not just have one kind of tape, it will have all the tapes.  From duct tape to packing tape, this bowl will spew it out one roll at a time.  All kinds of tape are extremely useful, but no one acknowledges it.  If you are stuck in the middle of a canyon, and you have to climb up the side of it, then you can make a rope out of duct tape and climb up.  Is anything you own broken? just tape it up and fix it.  Bored? just pull a VHS tape and watch a movie.  if you need to build a circuit, then use some copper tape.  Your circuit needs insulation, just use electrical tape.  Imagine how much money you could make on the side of just using the tape.  Some tapes are very expensive, so you would become very rich off of them.  You could put all the other tape businesses out of business, creating a monopoly, and making you control the tape market.  You could not produce tape for a week, and the world will go into peril.  People will spend their life savings on the limited tape supply, the tape will become the new stock market, now letting you control even more of the world.  Concluding, having a bowl that refills with infinite tape would be great and let you control the world


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Wade Clark

I like how you took something like tape, and explained a very valid point because of how important it is.

Colin Balfour

I think it was very creative and well thought out, and I like the abnormal choice of tape for the refilling bowl. I like how at the start it was realistic uses, then slowly moved to something new: tape stonks.

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