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What do you miss most about not being physically in school?

The thing I miss most about school is not being able to talk to friends.  We dont really get to talk too much in zoom classes, so it is much different than school.  I only can talk to people I am in a group chat with, and it is not the same as in person.  In zoom all we do is listen to the teacher and respond if necessary, its very boring, I wish we were in real school.  Another thing I miss is arts.  I was supposed to be in shop, but now I only watch Mr Heinze make a guitar instead of actually making one.  It would be really cool to make a guitar but now I cant, so it is not as fun.  Another thing I miss is being busy; I now have 8 hours after school of free time and I am running out of stuff to do all day,  I have baked foods, walked in the woods a lot, played video games, read books, and more.  I have ordered a coding book, but it comes in 8 days, so for now,  I have nothing to do.  I am hoping that the country will open up again and I can go do something that is productive or fun.  The last thing I miss is sports.  I cant play baseball in school and cant play soccer out of school.  Even though a lot people might dislike school I think that many can agree that they would maybe rather be in school that sitting home all day.  This school year I might not see any of my friends again, which isn't good becuase I might move, so I wont get to say goodbye.


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