My Fatal Flaw that I’ll do later

    My fatal flaw is procrastination. This has been told to me by many people. It wasn’t a problem until I realized that I could get away with not doing work. In forth or fifth grade, my work was easy, and I always got it done on time. When work started getting more difficult in middle school, I realized that when I got home each day, I didn’t have to instantly start working. I could watch a little youtube to chill out, then get my work done. And I did get work done. But by 8th grade and 9th grade, I would still get home and watch some youtube, but when I got to work, I realized it just wasn't as enjoyable as watching youtube, so I’d just think, “Oh yeah I'll do it later.” It's caused me to lose grades and to struggle with actually getting to do what i want to do. People who don’t experience procrastination i don't think really grasp what it's like. It's not like it's a disease or mental disorder no, but it's not normal. For example, I've been told that if you do your work now you will have more time to enjoy no homework later. I am fully aware of that. I am making the decision in my head to do this thing right now even though it's a bad idea, and is just worse than normal. I've been thinking about getting medication to help focus, and that could be a solution, but for now I'm lost trying to squeeze my homework done at the last minute.

Adam Aronovitz Values

  Harrison Wei


    Recently Adam Aronovitz came to our school to speak about his hobby of traveling. Adam has traveled all over the world and on his journey he has seen and interacted in a multitude of different cultures and lifestyles. The activity he had us do was to role play as two different countries each with their own goals and ability. The people of Maro, are rich people, who planned on spreading their wealth the neighboring countries that, if left unhelped would fall behind technologically. The Minian people, were poor and delayed technologically. They have been held back by other nearby countries through war and invasion. Recently they celebrated their anniversary of their independence, and so they wish to build a statue to represent their freedom, and loyal to their cause, they will accept no help from any other country in the process. The theme of two groups with different goals reminds me of the Suitors and Phonelope from the Odyssey. The Suitors main goal is to marry Phonelope, while Phonelope just wants her husband to come back, even though everybody believes he has died. This only causes more conflict between the two groups instead of just explaining that she was not available it could have solved the issue. This lack of communication caused problems for both the Suitors and Phonelope, and the people of Minia and Maro. Another part of the problem was that people had hidden intentions. Athena was a part of the plan to save Odysseus since the beginning, but only Telemachus knew about her true identity. Even discussing with the Red Haired King he showed no sign of knowing who he was in the presence of. This can be compared to the hidden knowledge that both groups had of themselves. The Minian people had never had this freedom before, they really wanted to prove to themselves how strong they actually were independently. The Maro people new that the Minian people could fall behind if they weren’t helped, which could mean that they could be wiped out in the blink of an eye, so their only goal was to help. This hidden information is a huge cause of conflict.