Lord of the Flies Metacogntion

Hudson Wesel
March 6th, 2020
English 9th Fitz
The Meaning of One's Life Within Fiction
“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” ― François Rabelais
        In life, after you're done with an experience it's is important to look back at what you have done, why you did it, and think about the entire process in a different way. I hope writing this will allow me to do that. By the end, I should have an answer to the reason behind all of this when I have explored, assessed, reflected and rethought about it.  
      The first step that I must take is to explore this experience and the book. In life, if you don't think about what you have done, you'll fall into the same ditch again and again. Talking about the book, it's is full of deeper meanings. On the surface it would seem like they're just characters, who fill their role and progress the story and then its over. From the scar, to fire, to beastie, and every character represents a deeper meaning. For example, the beastie, represents the savegry of man and the demon that is inside of us all.  These deeper meaning are not exclusive to just in-animate objects and monsters, but the actual characters as-well. For instance, looking at Jack, he relies of the primal instinct that we sometimes use to make decisions or to give us strength in life threatening situations. These are allegories, and the hidden gem of an allegory is the fact that there is a underlying meaning that adds a new layer to the novel. In life, if you want to find the gem, you’re going to have to dig deep.
    The second step that I must take is to asses the experience and the book. The great thing about being human is that your brain can look at the same instance, but from a slightly different angle that brings you to an whole new conclusion. In Lord of the Flies this is especially true. The novel is full of deeper meanings, however when moving away from a philosophical point and a more analytical point, it allowed me to see the book in a different way. Looking way back in chapter one where the boys come to the conclusion that there are no adults the responses are different. 
 "Aren’t there any grown-ups at all?" and Ralph says, 
"No grown-ups."  
After assessing the situation and coming to the conclusion that there are no grown ups the two boys have differing emotions. Piggy worried that there is no real authority figure to guide them, however, Ralph is ecstatic and excited for the opportunity. If it were me it would be a mixture of both. However, when I look at from an analytical view it’s much more frightening. How you see the world, will effect the vision of how people see you. 
     The third step I must take to make me understand the meaning of this experience is to reflect. Reflecting on something is different from assessing or analyzing it. It opens your mind in a completely different way. Looking back there are several things that I got out of this experience both from the book and me reading the book. The first is, I realized that books can have different levels of meaning, it's just about how deep you want to dig. On the surface this book is about how children behave without parental supervision, but on a deeper level it demonstrates how there different qualities that is universal to every human, but only few that we actually choose to show to the world. Throughout the course of reading this book, I realized that no matter how long and hard you think about a topic, there is no real right answer, all instances in life can be interpreted in a different way, which can have differing impacts. Life is not just about discovering new things, but also what they mean to you. 
    The final step I must take to help me understand the meaning of this experience is to rethink about this entire experience. We started at the table with Ms:Wade holding a conch that resembled the one in the book, and it finished here. Some say It's my den, I do everything here, from an essay, to metacognition to the midyear, I did it all here. It's where I can focus and get work done. This whole unit I thought was pretty well organized. Socratic seminars and discussions were critical to enhancing the experience, and having a teacher like Fitz made it so much better and interesting. I think this unit requires the student to be present and in touch with both is mind and emotions, that allows for a great process of learning and growth from start to finish.
    The Lord of the Flies was a great book with incredible meanings that stretches your brain. Even writing this metacognition has allowed me to not only Explore, Asses, Reflect, and Rethink about this book, but also find the true meaning of this whole process. In life, certain experiences have deep meanings, which allows a human to grown and has an irreplaceable impact on the person, that is meaning of this process and the meaning of life(for now at least).

Bulleted Essay

Hudson Wesel

February 11th, 2020

9th Grade Fitz English

Lessons From the Now, for the Future

In life, when looking back on something you can always find bits and pieces, where you wish you had the knowledge you do know, back then. While writing my heroic cycle story titled “The Story of a Swordsman”, there were a few things I wish I had known back then. Had I known these things it could have helped me, saved me time, or if I had learned something, it will be included as something to keep doing in the future. 

  • Whatever you start, you finish


Plain and simple. Whenever I started a new chapter, sentence, or scene, I made a pledge to finish it in that sitting. By doing this it teaches me several things. The first is discipline. Every morning I make my bed. Every day, when I come home I make sure my room is clean. This is because you cannot do anything, or be effective if you’re vague. A lot of people will say “I’ll get around to it I’m sure” or “maybe tomorrow or something.” I have come to find that action only comes when you are dedicated to doing something. When you have a pinpoint direction to go in, it was extremely important for me to do so, otherwise, I could have wasted hours going in all types of directions with my story. As previously stated, dedication also plays an important role. 

  • Dedication

Let’s be honest, if you give a damn you’ll do what is necessary in order to complete it. Without dedication, without drive, there is no incentive for action. If you choose to do nothing, then you will make nothing. Throughout this project, I aimed to set goals to reach or do a job well. Setting goals were really important. It gave me not only direction but a bar for me to reach. Often times, I wanted to go above the bar, which resulted in me always being ahead of the pack.  I not only stuck to an idea for a story, but I fell in love with it. I was really passionate about my writing, and it was a perfect fit that allowed me to write creatively to feel no restriction but enclosed enough so I would not go crazy with my writing. 


  • Editing

In order for me to truly dive into this topic, I have to take you back, three years ago, when I was in sixth grade. I remember the schoolhouse. It seems like such a distant memory. The old blue carpet, the smell, the small hallway, it all comes back to me. More specifically I remember Mrs: Duval. My brother had her and overall she is an amazing teacher. In my writing no matter what, 100% of the time, Mrs: Duval would find grammatical errors after grammatical errors. It would bring my grade down a ton. It hurt me so badly, yet I still for whatever reason did not put in the time to edit and revise my writing. Maybe because I thought I was too good of a writer or something stupid like that. However, it’s because of those memories that give me incentive, to check over my writing. This brought me to a 3hr editing session of my entire story. It was long, grueling, and painful, but still worth it. Just knowing that my words somewhat made sense made it all worth it and in the end, the difference is night and day. It makes it all worth it. 


  • Enjoyed it more


We all have things we enjoy, however, for most boys writing is not one of them. With this assignment though, the nature of it gives the writer an opportunity to enjoy his writing. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my story. I thought it was a good, compelling story that fit the criteria of what Fitz was looking for. Unfortunately, I just wish I could have enjoyed it more. We had all of this time, weeks and weeks to do this assignment and I did so in an orderly fashion. But maybe I was too focused on that. Maybe I was too focused on finishing it. It’s kind of like a video game. Once you have a goal you just focus on getting to that level. However, once you get there you just say to yourself “what now?” I felt some of that. That’s why I wanted my story to have closure. To tie up all the loose ends and finish the story peacefully. The process though, I could have just taken a second to cool off, and really appreciated what I wrote. Perhaps a new opportunity would have presented itself to improve each scene, but the world may never know. 

This project has taught me some things and reinforced previous ideas. I loved this project and loved doing it. In life, despite forced work, work can still be fun and provide new ideas, and hope, however there are always new things to learn fornext time.


Final Odyssey Metacogntion

Hudson Wesel

Jan 13th, 2020

Fitz English 9


Once A Story, Now An Odyssey


“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”
― Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

    In life, it’s not about the beginning or end of a story, but rather the lessons and experiences we learn and absorb from them. The Odyssey is an epic tale of a father and son on different journeys for different reasons. I remember when we started The Odyssey, come to think about it, that was a long time ago. Nevertheless, we started this epic tale with some guidance by Fitz. Afterall a house can’t stand up unless you have a good foundation. Fitz was able to perfectively construct that foundation for all of us two build upon. Once we had a general idea we were able to get to work. For me that meant going into the sound room, finding a seat and begin reading or writing. The story started mainly about Telemachus and how he would have to become a better man amidst his father’s absence. With the help of Athena (which became a reoccurring theme in the book), Telemachus was able to set out on his journey to becoming a greater man. Roughly halfway in the book, it switched, and Odysseus became the hero we rooted for. After the great battle of Troy, the God Poseidon got angry and banished Odysseus to an Island with a nymph. Through great mental fortitude, intelligence, strength, and resilience he was able to make his journey home. Then by the last four books, they came together with there new found experience and were able to destroy the enemy and bring peace to their home. Throughout this story, there were many important themes which included: the power of Gods, hospitality and just treatment towards others, intelligence, and wit, the passing of grief, and glory and honor. Each one of these themes had a specific role for each part of the story. It added a new layer of understanding a book, while also connecting to the main plot. Understanding and incorporating these themes were not only critical in understanding the story but the meaning behind it as-well. Each theme on its own connects the reader to the meaning behind the story and that is, in some ways more important than the plot. What makes The Odyssey so great is its overarching meaning behind the epic battles and great journeys. When you put all of these themes together you get a guide to life. This book is not just a story, but also instructions on how you should live your life in order to be happy and great. While yes this story had its low and boring points the message still gets across. Doing noble things, coupled with intelligence, strength and a little luck from the gods will provide a great life that will ultimately end in peace. Overall, while many of my classmates may dismiss this tale as just that, I will remember The Odyssey for what it is, a true story, not one with swords, bow, axes or magic potions, but rather a story of life. A story for you to live and an Odyssey for the legends and generations after to create. Ahh yes, the perfect Odyssey.

Literary Essay

Hudson Wesel

December 13, 2019

Fitz 9th Grade English


A Story of Childhood

Chirst as

“Story of Christmas, the Bliss of Childhood”


“Do something," he said. And we threw all our snowballs into the smoke - I think we missed Mr. Prothero - and ran out of the house to the telephone box” (A Child’s Christmas in Wales page 4).


       The almost obscene Christmas eve sun reflected off the glimmering white snow. The sound of bliss, joyful, energetic children playing and laughing in all of the wonders of the snow, filled the joyous day. Sometimes a story is just a story and sometimes a child’s perception of the world is only filled with bliss especially on a brisk Christmas day. A Child’s Christmas in Wales is a piece of literature that tells the story of a child’s perception of the world in a unique writing style. With the snows of time fading memories of when we were young, this book allows its reader to revisit those once-forgotten memories in a thoughtful way that also conveys the perspective of what the meaning of childhood, really means. 


        There are many different ways to live your life. Just like life, there are many ways to write, and many ways to write a great story. The Ugly Duckling, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are all great short stories. However, there is one story that is different from the rest, with a different meaning and writing style which adds a new thoughtful layer to the story, this is the story of A Child’s Christmas in Wales. When Thomas describes the scene in the garden when he and Jim are “hunting cats,” he integrates a variety of figurative writing techniques, including parallel structure, similes, metaphors, muscular verbs, and images and actions to paint a scene of young boys engaged in creative play:

“But there were cats. Patient, cold and callous,[parallel structure] our hands wrapped in socks, we waited to snowball the cats. Sleek and long as jaguars and horrible-whiskered, spitting and
snarling, they would slink and sidle over the white back-garden walls, and the lynx-eyed hunters, Jim and I, fur-capped and moccasined trappers from Hudson Bay, off Mumbles Road, would hurl our deadly snowballs at the green of their eyes. The wise cats never appeared.” [ Child’s Christmas in Wales.] 

The use of muscular verbs, descriptive adjectives, parallel structure, similes and metaphors paints a perfect picture in the reader’s mind. It’s not just the fact that the author perfectly uses these important tools, it’s how he uses them. The way the sentences are built not only makes sense, but it gives each crafted sentence a special meaning that gets the reader thinking. This story is so great that the meaning of it is not in the plot, but rather the story’s overarching theme that the story tries to convey. 


        In life, sometimes it’s not the experience, but rather the meaning behind that experience. The same can be said in writing, it may not be the story’s plot, but rather the meaning behind that plot. In A Child’s Christmas in Wales, it is not about the non-existent plot of the story, but comparatively, to life, the theme of the story gives it meaning:

“Here a small boy says: "It snowed last year, too. I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea”[A Child’s Christmas In Wales Page 5.]

This is not a story of making snowmen and then them getting destroyed, or a how to for festive winter activites.This story is about the meaning and value of childhood. The world is a nasty and mean place and people’s memories are filled, mostly, with that part of life. However, there was a time, where life was bliss, beautiful, and innocent and that was when one is a child. In the story, the children do some stupid stuff, not to be mean or nasty to others, but to have fun in life. Throughout this small book, the use of words and the way the author uses them coupled with the overarching theme gives its reader a true intellectual experience in the form of something so simplistic, a short story about a child's Christmas.


       Throughout this small book, it gives the reader a great story: impressive use of muscular verbs and descriptive adjectives that give the story meaning: and an overarching theme that gives the reader something to think about and apply to life.

Power of Tradition

Hudson Wesel

December 15, 2019

Fitz 9th Grade English


Making Pizza and Powerful Traditions


“Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course.”

~Lemony Snicket,


    In life, there are special things people participate in every year. Along with many others, I have a special tradition I do every year. For me, this tradition is going to Sal’s Pizzeria in West Palm Beach Florida the first night we’re there. We dropped our luggage off at the hotel we stayed at after a long exhausting flight; I and my family ended up walking through the dark, freshly paved parking lot with the warm summer weather blessing our faces, eventually arriving at Sal’s pizzeria. We stepped out of the nice weather and into the dimly lit restaurant.


       “Wesel,” my dad told the hostess. “Yup” she responded “right this way”, and we followed her to our table. After some time, the owner, Fabio, who knew us came out to talk to us. “Whats up Wesel family,” Fabio said in an energetic tone. “Hey, there he is,” my dad said as he opened his arms. After talking for some bit, Fabio asked what we were going to get. My brother responded with “we’re gonna split a large pizza.” “Ahh, I see, well do you guys want to make your own,” he asked. Our heads turned, then nodded “Hell ya” my brother agreed and with those words Fabio took us to the kitchen and helped us make the pizzas.


      From the stretchy, floury dough, to the shredded cheese we worked and crafted our pizzas. We threw them into the burning hot brick oven and waited. After they were done we took them out and much to my surprise they were really good. From then on, I keep that same smile from that night to every time we go there. To ensure our strong connection we turned it into an official tradition of the Wesel family and haven’t looked back at it ever since. 


       Sometimes we’re so rattled up with our everyday lives that it can be hard to squeeze in fun, however, with traditions, they allow people and families alike, to have fun and unwind with the ones that mean the most. Having those types of experiences are the ones that build strong connections and creates strong, impactful memories. From this, I learned, the true power of traditions and how they create fun and inspiring moments with family. In my life, I will always remember those types of moments and try to replicate them during special times. This tradition gives me fun and something to connect my family to.

In life, the power of tradition is what brings new memories as well as empowering old relationships.

Odyssey Essay


The Greatness of the First Twelve Books of The Odyssey

Themes of Book, Lessons of Life 


“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” 

~William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

      If you’re not tough you’re weak, and Telemachus and Odysseus know this all too well. Imagine your father disappears for twenty years and you have to go find him and get him back. With help from the goddess Athena you find yourself on a ship with twenty people in your crew and a quest to complete, all the while your father struggles to find his way home. You’re not the bravest of the bunch, nor the sharpest tool in the shed, but you know your father needs a hero, would you be that hero? Telemachus would. Along Telemachus’s and Odyseuss’s separate yet connected journeys, they learn the value hospitality, the need to find determination to get through hardship, and the reality of fate in a world of gods.    

        In life, being nice and helpful to others is important because it sets up valuable moral pillars for that person to live under. A dormant man named Telemachus embarks on his journey to get his father back to his native land after his disappearance twenty years ago. Throughout Telemachus’s journey, the theme of hospitality is extremely prominent. With some help from the goddess Athena, Telemachus sets out on a ship to find his father. After being told by king Nestor to go find King Melenus, to learn of the whereabouts of his father, Telemachus and Pisistratus arrive at his palace. While at the palace, Melenus employs the two of them to dine with everyone in celebration of a wedding because King Melenus understands the value of being hospitable to others. 

“Help yourselves to food, and welcome! 


Once you’ve dined” we’ll ask you who you are. 


But your parents’ blood


 70  is hardly lost in you. You must be born of kings,


     bred by the gods to wield the royal scepter.

 No mean men could sire sons like you.”[The Odyssey BookVI lines 67-72]. The theme of hospitality is extremely important not only in The Odyssey, but life as-well. Telemachus finally discovers the true treasure of hospitality. How you treat people will determine how people will treat you. When people are not respectful of others, people won’t respect you. Also, when people treat you nicely, treat others nicely. The reason why the king wanted to help these “strangers” was so he could do just this, honor the treatment he was given throughout his travels on the high seas. Another theme that is critical throughout the first twelve books of The Odyssey is sheer will and determination.

     Determination is the driving force of action. In the first twelve books of The Odyssey, Odysseus has been held in captivity, separated from his family. He has been working vigorously to get home. At last his he gets some progression, by convincing the nymph Calypso to set him free. By book 6, It has been ten years since Odysseus has had some level of control over his life. Ten years since he has felt the glory of his greatness. Odysseus hasn’t seen a home in twenty years, and yet he keeps ongoing. His will to live, grit and determination, even when facing the wrath of the god of the sea, Poseidon. Even when most men would have sunk to their knees and given up. The old rinky-dink raft turned to a single log as Odysseus desperately swims through the salty rough ocean. The once gleaming sun now covered by black stormy clouds that were filled with the hatred and anger of Poseidon:

“I can bear that too, with a spirit tempered to endure.

244  Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now

     in the waves and wars. Add this to the total —

     bring the trial on!”[The Odyssey Book V lines. 243-246]. Determination is what makes this story possible, as otherwise, Odysseus would be dead or trapped, doomed to a life of sorrow as the high seas wash away all of his hopes and dreams of a glorious return to his home. Throughout the whole story so far, Odysseus’s determination is tested, and soon enough his hard work pays off. Determination has gotten Odysseus this far, and will not fail him yet, the question now is how far can that take him in a world full of gods that ultimately control your fate.

            There is no power that is greater than a god’s. In Book V of The Odyssey, Odysseus tries to head back to shore after being held captive by the nymph Calypso. In Book V of The Odyssey, the god of the sea, Poseidon, almost kills Odysseus, as Odysseus tries to get through the raging waves of the ocean and back to shore. The hatred and vengeance Poseidon has for Odysseus were unleashed in all of its fury as Poseidon struck down Odysseus, almost sealing Odysseus’s fate. 

“I throw myself on your mercy, on your current now —

     I have suffered greatly. Pity me, Lord,

     your suppliant cries for help!”

      So the man prayed

     and the god stemmed his current, held his surge at once

     and smoothing out the swells before Odysseus now,

500  drew him safe to shore at the river’s mouth.”

[The Odyssey Book V, Lines 493-500]. When Odysseus thought he had control of his life again and challenged the gods, Poseidon struck him down which told Odysseus that his fate is and always will be in the hands of the gods. The only reason Odysseus survived that fatal trip to Phoenicia was that Poseidon took pity on him, as Poseidon had full control of Odysseus’s life in his hands. Mortals are powerless against the hands of a god, and their fate is controlled easily by whichever God wants to take it. In almost every Greek story the gods control all mortals, their life, death, and their legacy; if a god decides they really want to kill you, they will and your will is just a mere ripple in the wake of the waves the gods have created. The god’s hands are like hands on a clock, they can speed time up, slow it down and they choose then it strikes midnight. Fate is controlled by those with power, and the gods have it all.

         The choices you make determine the direction and focus of your life. In the first twelve books of The Odyssey, both Odysseus and Telemachus make life-changing choices. At the end of book two, Telemachus has to decide if he is going to stand up to the suitors and go save his father, or be tied down by his own fear and not act as the hero that he needs to be. Finally, he made a choice.

 “But self-possessed Telemachus drew the line:


     “Antinous, now how could I dine with you in peace


     and take my pleasure? You ruffians carousing here!


     Isn’t it quite enough that you, my mother’s suitors,


     have ravaged it all, my very best, these many years,


     while I was still a boy? But now that I’m full-grown


     and can hear the truth from others, absorb it too —


350  now, yes, that the anger seethes inside me . . .


     I’ll stop at nothing to hurl destruction at your heads,


     whether I go to Pylos or sit tight here at home.


     But the trip I speak of will not end in failure.

     Go I will, as a passenger, nothing more,” [The Odyssey Book lines 344-354]. 

    “We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals” Stephen Covey. The choices you make in life are important because they shape and mold what your life is, and what it will become. If Telemachus was weak he would sit in his house and continuously be tormented by the suitors. However, he chose to stand up as a man and go find his father. This choice may lead him down a tunnel of despair, but hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the first 12 books of The Odyssey, there are many themes that are very prevalent that can be applied to life. While it may not be the most fun or interesting book to read, The Odyssey certainly gives the reader important life lessons that enlighten them about how to live their life to the fullest.

       If there something to understand from reading The Odyssey it’s as, Thomas Hobbles said, “The life of a man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Odysseus’s and Telemachus’s response to their lives reflects these words perfectly, almost as if it was predetermined like an odyssey already completed yet hidden by the sands of time now rediscovered to teach about life.


Looking Back Can Hold What’s Ahead 

”Looking Back isn’t going to help because moving forward is what you have to do”

~McKayla Maroney


Memory is the source of grief. In life, looking back at what you have done badly, will eclipse what you will do in the future and it will only cause more heartache. In book VII of The Odyessy memory is a long standing theme. I sat on my comfy bed after a cold, grooling soccer game. I just about ready to pass out until I remembered I had to read book VII of The Odyssey, I grabbed my cracked IPad out of my bag and began reading. Odysseus was siting in palace full of luxuries in Phaeacia. While in the palace, the echos of Odysseus’s pleas could be heard throughout the halls of the palace. Thinking about all he has lost was now being released in all of is depressing glory. From reading book VII of The Odyssey, I learned that when you mess up you can’t keep looking at because that means your going to miss out the beauty of your future and it will hurt you more in the end.

Athletic Experence

The Athletic Experience that Was Sporting 

“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy


I put the W in my last name (Wesel) because I don’t lose. The bright gleaming sun shone in Lake George New York at the 2019 Lake George lacrosse tournament. Teams from across the country convene at this one place and battle in which only one can me crowned champion (for their age group). The heat waves could be seen as my team and I walked on the the boiling turf. Were playing this team from Connecticut, as we got into we realized they were mediocre at best. Like a human to a bug we squashed them and they were no more. After our victory we retreated to our tent to replenish our energy. We looked at who we were playing next, the Phoenix lacrosse club. A team stationed in Massachusetts, and we, we wanted to crush them just like before, but it didn’t pan out like that. With helmets on and energy restored we headed off for our next game. This next game would be played on grass, perfect, we play on this all the time. After getting through our warm ups, the whistle blew and the game began. The sound of slashing with sticks echoed with the screaming of our coach. Despite our efforts they put in a goal, which turned into two, which turned to five, which finally stopped at eight. After eight though we had put in one there was little hope. Like Telemachus we were beaten and with little hope. I looked around to see the frowning faces of my teammates holding their heads low with shame. The score of the game by the second half was a piercing sword that was ready to finish us with a stab through our disappointed hearts. At this point I was pissed filled with rage after seeing my team humiliated like this. I would do myself if I had to, but I was determined to turn this game around all I needed was one shift. “Hudson” my coach yelled, “yes coach”. “Your going to sub in for Owen and for god sake please make something happen.” It was a like Athena answering Telemachus’s prayers. I was given a chance to instill fire into my teammates again. I took the ball at the top of box, “pass, pass” my teammates screamed. However, I knew that we didn’t need to pass we needed goals and I was gonna give them one. With one hardy breathe I began sprinting toward the goal. A quick spilt throw off my defender and the net was open and I took the shot. The sailed pass the goalie and landed in the bottom left corner giving off a dinging sound as it grazed the orange pipe. My teammates screamed in joy as they ran over to me. I had given them not just a goal, but life. Just like the other team two goals turned into seven with a almost a minute to go in the second half. They had the ball and we were man up. They took a lousy shot right into the goalies pocket who passed it to the neighboring defenders. We quickly moved the ball up the field and setup our attack. Nerves got to us and we dropped a pass. Chaos broke out we quickly got it back to take on final shot. The ball hit off the goalie and rolled out of the crease. My teammate on the outside rushed in an hockey shot it, and it jumped into the net. We had done it, we had pulled off  the 28-3 the Indianapolis miracle and it all started with a player who doesn’t know what it means, to lose.

The Odyssey Paragraph

The Values Of Determination and Fate

image from images.app.goo.gl

Here I am at your mercy, princess —

     are you a goddess or a mortal? If one of the gods

     who rule the skies up there, you’re Artemis to the life”


Determination is the driving force of action. In the story, The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus has been separated from his family for over twenty years, and has been hard at work trying to get back home for ten of those years, and the fruits of his determination start to show as he finally makes progress on his journey home. By book 6, It has been ten years since Odysseus has had some level of control over his life. Ten years since he has felt the glory of his greatness. Odysseus hasn’t seen home in twenty years, and yet he keeps on going. His will to live, his grit and determination, even when facing the wrath of the god of the sea, is what has allowed him to keep going. Even when most men would have sank to their knees and given up. The old rinky dink raft turned to a single log as Odysseus tried to swim through the the salty rough ocean. The once gleaming sun now covered by black stormy clouds that were filled with the hatred and anger of Poseidon:

I can bear that too, with a spirit tempered to endure.

244  Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now

     in the waves and wars. Add this to the total —

     bring the trial on!”(The Odyssey Book V lines. 243-246)

His strong determination is what has allowed him to keep going, even when most men would have sank to their knees and given up. Determination is what makes this story possible, as otherwise Odysseus would be dead or trapped, the gods not noticing him as he would not be worth their time. Throughout the whole story so far Odysseus’s determination is tested, and we will see the results of his hard work soon enough. Determination has gotten Odysseus this far, and will not fail him yet.


    There is no power that is greater than a god’s. In Book V of The Odyssey,Odysseus tries to head back to shore after being held captive by the nymph Calypso. In Book V of The Odyssey, the god of the sea, Poseidon, almost kills Odysseus, as Odysseus tries to get through the raging waves of the ocean and back to shore. The Hatred and Vengeance Poseidon had for Odysseus was unleashed in all of its fury as Poseidon struck down Odysseus, almost sealing Odysseus’s fate. 

“I throw myself on your mercy, on your current now —

     I have suffered greatly. Pity me, lord,

     your suppliant cries for help!”

                                       So the man prayed

     and the god stemmed his current, held his surge at once

     and smoothing out the swells before Odysseus now,

500  drew him safe to shore at the river’s mouth.”

[The Odyssey Book V, Lines 493-500]


When Odysseus thought he had control of his life again and challenged the gods, Poseidon struck him down which told Odysseus that his fate is and always will be in the hands of the gods. The only reason Odysseus survived that fatal trip to Phoenicia was because Poseidon took pity on him, as Poseidon had full control of Odysseus’s life in his hands. Mortals are powerless against the hands of a god, and their fate is controlled easily by whichever god wants to take it. In almost every Greek story the gods control all for mortals, their life, death, and their legacy; if a god decides they really want to kill you, they will. Fate is controlled by those with power, and the gods have it all.

The Man or Thing Across the Lake

The Man or Thing Across the Lake


       I've been into summer camps ever since I was a little child. I was in the Boy Scouts and went to camps pretty much every summer. It was a cold Dark Night at this one Camp I was working at. The whistle blew meaning that everyone from the Waterfront must come in. They would scramble to put their shoes on and get into their cabins for the rest hour. I wanted all the campers head up the hill and into their dorms and I was about to do the same that was until I could have sworn I saw a dark figure across the cold blue lake and inside the green woods. However, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me as a second later the dark figure disappeared. I didn't bother to tell any of the directors about this so-called sighting and went back to doing my routine camp day.Now I've always been sort of a risk taker, meaning that if I saw something I was going to head right in there and find out what it was. Which is partially why I got myself into such a messed up situation More on that later. Anyway, I went back to my cabin that I was assigned to go onto my bed and thought about what I thought I saw. What was that thing and why was it so close to the camp, I wondered. I thought about this, that was until my alarm clock woke me. “What the hell” I whispered. “I just layed down”.Anyway our next activity was archery so I just made sure the kids wouldn't do anything stupid and shoot an arrrow at each other, but for the most part it was me chilling out on my phone with another camp counselor. After archery finished up it was time for dinner. I sat down with my plate of food in front of me and was about to take a bite. Out of curiosity I looked through the small window and that’s when I thought I saw it again the dark figure staring straight at my soul from across the lake. This time I knew that it was something or someone trying to mess with me so I figured the next time they poke their head out I was going to make them pay. But for the most part, It was back to eating. We finished eating and doing the rest of our activities and we're getting ready for bed. “where is Shawn” one of the campers questioned. I responded “with he's not in the cabin”? The Campers all responded with the same answer no. “Alright I'll go check the bathrooms” I announced. I headed over to the bathroom door and called out to Shawn, but there was no answer I looked through the bathroom making sure that there was no sign of him. That was until I looked in one of the Stalls. I found an old walkie talkie player when I played it in a demonic voice it said “If you want your camper back Danny come meet me at the waterfront at midnight alone. “What what the hell, Who are you I asked through the walkie-talkie. Hahaha, It responded in a demonic laugh. The clock is ticking Danny better hurry up. I didn't know where Sean was, but I wasn't about to wait to find out. I grabbed a kitchen knife from the dining hall and stormed down to the waterfront preparing myself for any attacker coming out from any place. I saw Shawn tied to a chair right in front of the lake.  Then I heard a crackle in the bushes. I turned quickly and what stood above it haunts me to this day a 10-foot figure. With a face so mangled that it wasn't even human. It roared and screamed in my face that was until I stuck my knife through what I could only assume as its throat. It let out a dead gargling scream. It tried to slash at me, but I was too quick. I quickly got Sean with his chair attached and ran fast-faster than I've ever run in my life. I made it back to camp and into my cabin and I shut the door. All the campers complain about “you interrupted my sleep, what the hell”! I didn't care because I managed to escape the man or should I say thing across the lake. I’ve moved far away from that camp and I’ve settled down with my wife and two kids on a nice lake. I’m writing this now because last night as I awoke in the middle of the night I looked out my window, and for a split second I could have sworn I saw something, a figure across the dark reflective lake.