The Power of Hard Times



So Many Reasons to Give Thanks


Colorful autumn hues spread across the forests

White snow conceals the green grass of the field

Leaves scatter the frosted ground

The orange pumpkins begin to rot, which signals late November

Wild turkeys graze the vast land with the occasional gobble

Orchards share their rich produce

Thanksgiving marks the end of autumn and the start of winter


For Thanksgiving brings all people together

All religions, ethnicities, and beliefs

Celebrated in Canada, United States, Caribbean islands, and Liberia

This holiday does not divide people, but rather brings people together

Whether it's Pilgrims and Natives, new friends and old friends, or anyone


A time of thankfulness

A time of forgiveness

A time of happiness

For me Thanksgiving is a time of family and traditions

A time to gather around the table

Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude

Having the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness


This year as Thanksgiving rolls around

Never take for granted the time with others

Thanksgiving is a special time to enjoy

Make Thanksgiving last more than a day

Cherish what you have

Realize what you have is a lot

I am thankful, are you?


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Andrew pesce

Great job tuxedo

I’m defidently a fan

Andrew heinze

This post was very cool. It is a wonderful well written poem that included brilliant vocabulary and did a great job capturing the theme of thanksgiving and the end of “autumn”

Lukas Zhang

I love the audio, it’s so calming and relaxing, really calmed my nerves. Not only was the audio good, the poem is also profound. The transitions between each stanza is also smooth nice.


I am... and thanks for the poem. It's a keeper!

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