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2nd and 3rd Poem

The Poetry Unit



“The world is full of poetry”-unknown 

Who is This Kid In The Mirror

Staring off into the abyss

Staring into a tunnel

Trying to find the light at the end

The light of hope and promises 

The light of happiness and success 

But stuck in a the dark

With no light

Trying to escape

Trying to seek the future

Nobody to help him out

Nobody to restore his faith

That humanity can be good

Say, who are you that speaks in the dark? 

And, who are you that reflects in the mirror?

I am the poverty-stricken white, trick and pushed apart,

Trapped in the dark

I am the red man forced from the land,

Trapped in the dark

I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek—

Caught in crime and violence 

And denied a future

Trapped in the dark

I am the worker sold to the machine.

Trapped in the dark

I am the people, humble, hungry, mean—

Hungry yet today despite the dream.

Trapped in the dark

I am the man who never got ahead


Inspired By Langston Hughes

Written By Tucker Winstanley



One Old Oak Tree

Sitting in solitude

Weathered through the seasons

Roots reaching into the ground 

Green leaves sprout in spring

Only to drop in the fall

For this tree is a symbol of serenity

But then one summers night

The storm came to fight

Unleashing its fury 

Releasing lighting from its fingertips

The tree was destined to fall

In its place a new sprout grows


By Tucker Winstanley 



2nd Poem

    This poem started with the required line “who is this kid in mirror.” I though about my WW Fenn speech of Let America Be America Again and I incorporated some of Langston famous lines but in between I added trapped in the dark as all the people listed were neglected.

3rd Poem:

    In my backyard there was a very large oak tree that was there all my life until own day lightning struck it and it fell over. This tree was amazing and became a symbol to my family. The large oak tree inspired my poem. In the poem I basically described the story of the tree.

Crows and Swallows/1st Poem

    A Introduction to Poetry


“Poetry is a matter of life, not just language”-Unkown


The Fire Still Smolders:

    This poem worked for me because I understood the meaning of the fire that still smoldered even through rain. This fire represented the remembrance of the sister and how nobody will forget about her. Next the poem talked about various memories with the sister. Once I understood what the fire meant this poem was straight forward.

On This Gray Boulder:

    Using imagery and action you described the ins and outs of something as simple as a boulder. You noted on how the boulder might not be the most important thing “no nugget”, “no pearl.” But you ended by saying this simple thing is rooted in earth.

The Leaves Must Know Something More:

    This poem went through the life cycle of leaves, starting with the leaves “crawling out of soften buds” and ending with the fate that they must face in the autumn/fall. Using muscular verbs you conveyed a clear story of the leaves that made sense to me.


The ocean tide, she ebbs and flows.

The mile marker gently sways.

An endless reminder time comes and goes

As summer unfolds by the days.

Some mornings she is flat as ice.

Brings peace to all who sail.

And mornings when she’s not as nice

They struggle with her squalls.

My stretch of ocean has both these days-

Quite peaceful and kind to skippers.

And then she rages in furious ways

Forcing sailors to think much quicker

By Tucker Winstanley