Economy Essay
Thoreau on Clothing and Shelter

Basic Necessities

Food, Shelter, and......

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"Basic needs: backbone, wishbone, funnybone"- Raven O'Keefe  

        If necessities are truly “most basic” would they change, as the phrase suggests, by the “stage of your life”? For me, the answer is “no” but time will tell. I consider basic necessities things I always needed throughout my life key to my existence, regardless of my “stage of life.” Thoreau lists food and shelter. I don’t disagree. However, Thoreau’s list focuses on physical needs. Realistically, he has a need for funding for his food and shelter, so I would add income to his list, as not everything he has at Walden Pond is found or made from nature by his own hands. I would add to Thoreau’s list the need for things that fuel your heart and mind. I wouldn’t imagine living without a supportive community – big or small – wouldn’t matter. I would add that something that provides happiness in your life is a basic necessity – could be a person, but also could be a hobby, or a place. I consider opportunities for physical exertion and thinking to be basic necessities, to live for any significant time on the edge of Walden Pond. This list feels complete, but only time will tell, and Fitz asked for 200 words!




































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