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    Thoreau directly addresses his views on “Money and Work with his belief less is more when it comes working and spending. I appreciate that Thoreau believes that everyone must follow their own path and if you don’t agree, he respects the diversity of opinion. Thoreau doesn’t believe in the "spending of the best part of one's life earning money in order to enjoy a questionable liberty”. Thoreau weighs the worth of money earned for digging in the dirt to the “importance of a man’s soul”. Instead of working, Thoreau makes compromises by living a simple life and passing up luxuries. “If one would live simply and eat only the crop which he raised, and raise no more than he ate, and not exchange it for an insufficient quantity of more luxurious and expensive things, he would need to cultivate only a few rods of ground”. The benefit of this approach to spending and consuming is that Thoreau only has to work six weeks of the year to “meet his expenses” and then has “the whole of my winters, as well as most of my summers, free and clear for study.” This trade-off makes sense to me, as I would fully support working hard six weeks of the year to have the rest of the year off. As Thoreau writes, life does not need to be a “hardship….if we will live simply and wisely.”


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You do a great job with this paragraph weaving in your thoughts about thorough with excellent quotations to backup your insights. Nice work!

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