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Round the Corner


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

         In the front yard of my house life moves by fast - cars commuting to work or driving into town to do errands, people walking their dogs, and running for exercise. Life is in full motion in front of 35 Attawan Road. But, tuck round the corner to the back of my house and there is conservation land as far as the eye can see. Here I sit on the cool stone wall, a wall whose construction I admire because it is dry laid. It’s quiet in the backyard, as if I have turned the volume off of the tv, but the screen is left on. At first glance, there is no movement, just trees whose limbs stretch into the sky and are trying desperately to push out new leaves. Below tall grasses are still dried out from the harsh winter and waiting for rain and sun for new growth. If I sit there long enough I start to see movement. Not the kind of movement out front of my house, but the movement of birds that have made their home in the wetlands behind my house. There are two hawks that criss-cross the sky in a slow gliding pattern. They are serious and deliberate in flight. And, there is a small bird that darts behind them. I imagine it is an annoyance to the hawk, but its’ pestering flight is hilarious to watch. I’ve seen a lot of wildlife emerge from these wetlands - fox, a coyote, and endless deer. It’s pretty amazing that this all goes on in my backyard, while the hustle and bustle of our busy lives goes on in my front yard. This has left me wondering which side of the house I prefer? I try to come to some answer, but the question is hard and I selfishly don’t want to ruin my time on the wall forcing an answer. This chance to slow down is good and I just want to enjoy it a little longer.


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Michael L

Great writing Tucker, I especially love your conclusion, and I think the amount of detail you put into this piece is fantastic.

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