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“There are places I remember all my life”-The Beatles

    It’s often the case that memorable places are carved out of locations where one has spent meaningful time. While there are other places on the Fenn School campus where I have created great, and in many cases hilarious, memories over the past six years - like the gym, gym lobby, and turf field - Ward Hall comes to mind as a place with that power to be truly memorable for me. As I’ve sat in my senior seat these last few weeks since Spring Break, I have seen evidence of time winding down in this special space and this assignment has forced me to think about what it is about Ward Hall that makes it so special. Perhaps the most obvious is the opportunity to all be together, students, teachers, staff, for 10-20 minutes, watching a performance and sharing news and announcements. This shared experience is what helps us builds our Fenn community. It is also true that the patterns, repetition and traditions in our meetings are calming in a world that sometimes feels unpredictable. Each and every Fenn School day (except tuesdays) after first period, students begin to file into the Hall through it’s large green doors. Once every student has been seated in a seat that for the year has been their own, Mr. Boonisar begins the meeting with an opening message followed by a brief reflection, business and announcements. Each meeting closes as it began with another chance to reflect and then we file out, oldest to youngest. The silent reflection felt long in 4th grade and by 9th grade never feels like enough. The Hall, both inside and out, is architecturally beautiful. It’s steeple stands tall watching over the campus. Inside, the banners are proud reminders of what we value: empathy, courage, honor, and respect. The last senior reflections are being shared and I have found myself starting to picture our class leaving graduation and filing out onto the lawn to shake the hands of our teachers who line the paths to Ward Hall. Here in the shadows of this special place I will say goodbye to six years at Fenn knowing that anytime I step foot on campus and wander into Ward Hall I will find myself instantly transported back to some of the best and meaningful moments of my Fenn career.


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