The Power of Family
Passion of Place

The Power of Family

The Power of Family


“Family is the compass that guides us, they are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.”

~Brad Henry



    No person, no thing, no place is obligated to guide you, educate you and comfort you. But a family, my family will do just that, but even more. The wrong decisions I made, the mistakes I made, no one could understand me, no one would forgive me. I knew, deep in my heart, it is only my family that could condone my faults and wrongs. Occasionally I flounder in school, my academics fail and my grades drop. I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone, not even my family, I would lie, I would do whatever I can to make them happy, to make them proud. But I knew it was no use, they all knew me too well, no time did they come screaming at me because of the flaws and errors, instead, they congratulated me on what little achievements I gained. They don’t point fingers at my weaknesses, as I often do when I discover faults in others. Sometimes I feel guilty, not replying to their hard work on the backstage with equal or greater effort under the spotlight. I regret the negative feelings I had towards them occasionally, my misunderstanding of their perspective. I underestimate the effort they put into my learning career, the many things I love to do, I feel deep regret. Every once in a while, my optimistic feelings plummet, staring at my surroundings dull and without color, no one understood me, not even my closest friends. When I was on the verge of tears, nobody knew was was happening, except for my family, they somehow knew just the right way to comfort me, the soothing sounds of familiar voices bears the healing powers. It was like a battery getting recharged with joy, and I am myself again. The situation may be dire, when I thought I am stuck and kerfuffled, it my family, and only my family that brings me back to dry land and rejuvenate me back to my normal life.



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Beautifully written. Very poignant, honest and compelling. Try to recreate a very specific experience and describe that experience as the smoking gun. What you have here is called a reflective paragraph, which is something we are going to do in class for an assignment in the coming weeks.

Oscar Patton

Great choices of words. I like how you talk about how your family is always supportive. I think you accidentley posted this twice on your blog, but otherwise great Essay!


This is the most elegant essay I have Read. This is super awesome and I hope you keep up the good work.

Lukas Zhang

This paragraph is beautiful, the vocal and the descriptions really make it lively. The paragraph also captured emotions really well and it made me cry. I bet you cried too while writing it.

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