Thanksgiving Essay

Mid Term Essay

Squandering Time


"If you live an average of 80 years, then 30 of them are spent sleeping, 5 spent eating 20 years working and 20 years learning, you really only get 5 years to yourself, so make that time count."

~Steven X


    When our minds conduct irrelevant actions, time still persists. I am that kind of person, I organize every app on my iPad and iPhone, tune every setting to the most optimal condition, and makes sure that every red dot on the corner of every app disappears. I do this every other day, every week, every month, nonstop. One Tuesday after school, at 12:45 school let out and my mom drove me home. Before eating, before petting my dog and changing I go straight to my room, lay out the iPad and iPhone on my bed and begun an unending series of moving around shaking apps of different colors. Took me around fifteen minutes to get the apps set in designated locations on every screen that synced on both devices, and continued onto the settings; I went through every battery saving switch I could turn off or turn on, you think there will be only two? Well, you’re wrong, despite me knowing that all notifications are turned off, screen brightness is just right at around 50% and background app refresh turned off completely. I just had to check those settings again and again, worrying that I could’ve missed one button. And did I say that I had to change to a fresh wallpaper every other day? So I would do that, browsing through the internet for minutes until I finally settled on an impeccable wallpaper that I was happy about and had resemblance to one of the stock Apple wallpapers. After that was taken care of, I went to my search history, cleared it, and exited out every app that I ever opened. Doing this, I gave away 45 minutes of my life, time that I could’ve used to help myself, or help others, instead I donated that time to a device whose purpose was to deliver calls and make my life easier, I just made it harder for myself.


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