Final All Quiet Analysis


Death Always Will Come

By: Jason Xing


    Death must come. Death comes up everywhere in the book All Quiet On The Western Front. Death comes a lot during war and especially during Chapter 11. Many soldiers in the Second Company die on the front lines and very few remained after the harsh fighting. Paul and his comrades are being followed by the eerie presence of death while they travel. Muller was killed very early on in the chapter dying of a gunshot wound to the gut. “Müller is dead. Someone shot him point-blank in the stomach with a Verey light. He lived for half an hour, quite conscious, and in terrible pain.”
This just shows that death is never too far away. Before Muller died he gave his boots, which he had inherited after Kemmerich died, and a pocketbook over to Paul.

“Before he died he handed over his pocketbook to me and bequeathed me his boots--the same that he once inherited from Kemmerich. I wear them, for they fit me quite well. After me Tjaden will get them, I have promised them to him.”

The theme is very valid because the book is all about World War I and all the horrors that came with it. So many soldiers died during the Great War that it's hard to count. Death has always followed these soldiers and it will always find a way to get them. Especially in the case of Paul and his comrades. Death is inevitable. It will always come sooner or later and that is always true for war.


The Rocks

The Rocks

“How many died again?”


“3 billion.”


“Man, that was not a good day was it?”


“Yeah for them not us.”


“True but we did kill a lot of people.”


“Well I would think that they deserved it but I don’t know, a lot of people did die.”


“Ok well look at it this way, we didn’t kill them the rocks did.”


“Uh well who put the rocks in orbit?”


“We did.”


“Yeah that's what I’m saying.”


“Ok fine we did kill a lot of people.”


“Well with all those people gone at least there will be more food to go around.”


“Man, you just reminded me how hungry I was.”


“Well you are lucky my friend, we are at the main distribution of food, water and other supplies in the solar system.”


“Ha ha, yeah we get all the food in the system.”


“Those colonies on Terran will starve though.”


“Dude who cares, at least the system won’t starve, who cares about some colonies.”


“Yeah, survival of the fittest.”


“Mars is like a waste land now.”


“Yeah everyone left after the rocks fell.”


“Mars didn’t deserve the power they got anyway.”


“The belt should be the main power of the solar system.”


“Are you sure that the people of earth deserved what they got? I mean taking power away from the main planets is fine and all but I don’t think that killing that many people by literally just dropping rocks on top of their head is good. Also Luna still exists and the earth can just build up their power again.”


“Well we will annihilate them before they can even do anything.”


“Yeah we will.”


“We will destroy the Earth and Mars and have the belt as the only power in the solar system!”


“Yeah, we will.”

A Letter To Myself

Dear Jason,


It’s been a while my friend. With the war and stuff I haven’t gotten the chance to write to you but now I do. It has been a long while since I’ve had a break. The constant fighting and bombings of the trenches are so horrific that I can’t do it justice in this one simple letter. We were being bombarded every single day. A lot of men from my company have perished in the harsh fighting. A lot of my friends have also died. This war is just so terrible. So many innocent lives lost. So many unneeded deaths. And for what? Are all these lives worth sacrificing? Haven't we been punished enough already for all the sins this species have commited? I’m just wondering my friend, what is there to win in this war. There has to be a victor but the cost of victory is so high I don’t think it's worth it anymore. 

The people that have died have died but those who survive may never be the same again. I have survived. I feel different. I feel like I left a piece of my soul back on the battlefield. Most of my comrades are dead. Why is this war such a terrible terrible thing. Why must it go on with no end in sight? Are the “enemies” really the enemy? Or are we, ourselves, the true enemy? 

It’s been a long time my friend. Such a long time since I have gotten these feelings out. They have piled on and on so high I might never get to express them all in the rest of my life. The horrors I have gone through, and the horrors all the other surviving troops have gone through and are going through right now is just too intense to even think about. 

The human race has never been thrusted into this kind of conflict before and now we have. This war has put a toll on everyone around me and myself. I so very hope that another conflict of this magnitude shall never ever ever happen on this mortal earth ever again. If this happens again, we might just annihilate each other, the human race. The species might never exist if another conflict this size happens again. We have the capability to destroy ourselves. If not in this lifetime, but the next. We have been thrusted into an unwinnable war, where even if you win, you lose.

I really hope I didn’t bore you with this letter, my friend, I just really wanted to get these feelings out and it's been such a long time. I really hope you are doing well. 



Your friend,


The Humanity Of War

~Jason Xing

The Humanity Of War

What we feel

The souls are left after the battle is done. In Chapter 8 of the book All Quiet On The Western Front, Paul’s humanity shines through when he comes home and visits some Russian prisoners. After the harsh fighting of Chapter 6 and the horrifying consequences of it in chapter 7, Chapter 8 offers some peace in the form of Paul leaving the battlefield and coming home. He visits his family and then goes to some Russian prisoners where he sees the terrible conditions that they are in and he feels horrible for them. Paul visits the Russian prisoner camp and he is met with horrible conditions, even worse than on the front lines. The Russians have very little possessions and get very little food and water. 


”But most of the Russians have long since parted with whatever things they had. Now they wear only the most pitiful clothing, and try to exchange little carvings and objects that they have made out of shell fragments and copper driving bands.”

Paul, after he has seen the terrible conditions the Russians are in, is disheartened to see the prison guards tease the Russians with food that they desperately need and their plentiful portions of food compared to their prisoners.


”It is distressing to watch them take their afternoon meal thus; one would like to crack them over their thick pates. They rarely give anything away.”


Paul after he has seen the horrors of war was disheartened to see that a part of the horror has itself back to the prisons. The prisoners experienced torture very similar to fighting in the front lines. They are given little food and they get tortured by their in-prisoners. They are treated as subhuman just because they are the enemy. Paul is saddened by this and this shows his humanity even after seeing the horrors of what humans can do to other humans. 

Paul is describing the prisoners and what they are doing and how they feel more human to one another than to the guards.


”They rarely speak and then only a few words. They are more human and more brotherly towards one another, it seems to me, than we are. But perhaps that is merely because they feel themselves to be more unfortunate than us.”


After experiencing that the horrors of war have also been bought off the battlefield, Paul is left feeling guilty. He was saddened by the Russians and also saddened by the fact that his mother has cancer. They both reason that Paul still has his humanity even after the battles. 

In Chapter 7 Paul was left broken and scarred after the battle but now in Chapter 8 he is seeing what he had felt in other human beings around him and he is feeling pity for them just like what other people felt towards him and his company after the battles.


Chapter 6 & 7 The Consequences Of War

What Remains Of War

F2241989-0A57-4C17-8C8B-C623118E79E1I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

-Albert Einstein

War leaves the land scarred and the people broken into thousands of pieces. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, the decimation of war on the physical and mental sides is shown in vivid and horrifying detail. Chapter 6 of All Quiet On The Western Front, shows what happens during the war in ways that shows how destructive it really is and the horrifying outcome of it. Chapter 7 shows the aftermath, people are broken, and their souls and bodies are never able to recover from what they have experienced. Paul, the main character, has to deal with unfathomable amounts of emotions. In Chapter 6 of All Quiet On The Western Front, Paul and his company are in a trench. After the night passed the company, who was very exhausted after the hungry, sleepless night, was desperate to get food and was pushing and shoving everyone who was in their way. 


“Everyone yells and curses and slaughters. The madness and despair of many hours unloads itself in this outburst.” (Chapter 6)


After the horrors of Chapter Six, Chapter Seven offers rest as Paul takes leave and returns home to see his dying mother and a father curious for news about the war. However, In Chapter Seven, Paul realizes that he is no longer who he was. He is more a shell of a person.


”But a sense of strangeness will not leave me, I cannot feel at home amongst these things. There is my mother, there is my sister, there my case of butterflies, and there the mahogany piano--but I am not myself there. There is a distance, a veil between us.” (Chapter Seven)


Although the battles of Chapter Six are horrific, the emotional battles of Chapter Seven are almost more terrifying. In Chapter Six Paul is alive and in battle, saving his friends and fighting for survival. However, in Chapter Seven, Paul’s soul is already dead, and he cannot find any way to connect with his family or his previous life.  All that is left is war. In the final words of Chapter Seven, Paul states, “I ought never to have come on leave,” and we readers are left to find out why and how he can continue.

Xing Final Topical Essay

Should Religion Be Taught in Schools?

Force is not right

~ Jason Xing


Should religion be taught in schools? I don’t think religion should be taught in schools to unwilling students and students who don’t believe in religion. If a student does not want to learn or does not believe in the religion a school is teaching I do not think that that child should be forced to learn about it.

Now religion isn’t bad. I just don’t think that forcing students learn a religion that they don’t believe in it. Now some studies, like this one from the NEA (National Education Association) say that some students who learn religion in school really like it and are guided by it every day. 

Now I think that it is fine to believe in religions and I think that if you aren’t forcing someone else who doesn't believe in your religion to believe in your religion is fine. Some schools are doing this. They force teach children enrolled at their school religions that some don’t believe in and I believe that is wrong. 

Most schools don’t teach religion to kids. But one thing in most schools in the country that kids are forced to do every day is the Pledge of Allegiance. One line in this pledge is “for which it stands, one Nation under God”. Now, this isn’t wrong to have god in the Pledge of Allegiance. I just think it is wrong that some kids who don’t believe in one kind of religion should not be forced to say this every day. Religion is a belief. You don’t have to believe it. 

Over 2 billion people alone believe in Christianity. That is nearly a third of the population of the world. But even though Christianity is the most popular religion it is not the only one. Religions like Hinduism and Islam still have billions of people who believe. Now, most religion taught in schools is Christianity. Even though 2 billion people believe in it there are still billions more people who believe in something else. 

It just isn’t right to force teach people something different from what they believe in. Why must religion be taught to people who are unwilling? I do not think it is fair to those people. not everyone believes in what you believe and it is not right to force someone else to believe in your beliefs even if you think that it is right.

WWFenn Speaking Contest Piece


The Light of Stars
By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The night is come, but not too soon;

  And sinking silently,

All silently, the little moon

  Drops down behind the sky.


There is no light in earth or heaven

  But the cold light of stars;

And the first watch of night is given

  To the red planet Mars. 


Is it the tender star of love?

  The star of love and dreams?

O no! from that blue tent above,

  A hero’s armor gleams. 


And earnest thoughts within me rise,

  When I behold afar,

Suspended in the evening skies,

  The shield of that red star. 


O star of strength! I see thee stand

  And smile upon my pain;

Thou beckonest with thy mailèd hand,

  And I am strong again. 


Within my breast there is no light

  But the cold light of stars;

I give the first watch of the night

  To the red planet Mars. 


The star of the unconquered will,

  He rises in my breast,

Serene, and resolute, and still,

  And calm, and self-possessed. 


And thou, too, whoso e'er thou art,

  That readest this brief psalm,

As one by one thy hopes depart,

  Be resolute and calm. 


O fear not in a world like this,

  And thou shalt know erelong,

Know how sublime a thing it is

  To suffer and be strong.



Literary Analysis 


~Jason Xing

The Light of Stars

From Where We Came


Stars are a mystery to all. The stars and planets in the sky speak to us about the past. The stars we see in the night sky are what they were thousands of years ago and that gives us a glimpse into the past of something else other than our own planet and star. The night skies are mysterious. We look up at it to see wondrous things in it. The constellations: gods, heroes, and much more are seen in the night sky by ancient societies. We as humans have always been curious. And when we ran out of oceans to cross, continents to explore we turned to where, but the skies. They were always so mysterious and we never knew what everything was. Stars hold the answer to the universe. It shows us what was the past so we can know what is the future. We must know, we will know. The stars have told us so much. We have learned a lot of information from the stars that we couldn’t know before. This way we better ourselves as a species so we can survive another day.

Haiku Portfolio

Jason Xing
Haiku Portfolio






The old birch
Sits and waits
For lightning to strike


~ Jason Xing

The old birch tree is so old that it wants to be struck by lightning and die. Then it would be reborn young and more alive again. I wrote this to make the readers appreciate everything that they have more because you don’t know when you lose it all.




The dinghy cabin
In the woods
Slowly rots away


~ Jason Xing

The cabin in the woods hasn’t been used in a long time and without care it slowly disintegrates from age. This is to make the readers care for everything and everyone around them and to make them realize that if they don’t then it might be gone forever.




The rotting oak
Alone in the field
Drops a single leaf


~ Jason Xing

The oak tree is so very old that it will die very soon and so it drops one last leaf so that it can be reborn. This is to show that even though one thing is gone, another will always come and take its place in the world.



The crisp, white snow
Falls to the ground
Waiting to be used


~ Jason Xing

The snow is falling to the ground and after it has fallen and accumulated it wants to be used by somebody like being stepped on and played with. This is to show the reader that everything in life has a purpose and anything will eventually get used in one form or another.



The old rake
Rests in the snow
Waiting for use


~ Jason Xing

The rake is resting in the snow and isn’t used and it is waiting for use. This is meant to show the reader that the use of something doesn’t always come but it eventually will and will be used well.



The young boy
Sits in the snow
Wanting to be loved


~ Jason Xing

The young boy is alone in the world and all he wants is to be loved and cherished by someone. This is meant to show that even if something seems like it doesn’t have a chance something will always be there to give it a chance.



The tulip blooms
In the breeze
With its sent drifting


~ Jason Xing

The tulip blooms while there is a breeze and that breeze carries its scent far away to someone. It is meant to show the rebirth of something and how beautiful it is and how far it will go to show it.




The orange butterfly 
Drifts with the wind
To a far away land


~ Jason Xing


The butterfly goes along with the wind to be carried far away to someplace that it doesn’t know. This is to show change and how change can be dramatic but good and rewarding for you.





The Eagle soars
Above the clouds
Looking for a place to land


~ Jason Xing

The eagle is flying high above and it is trying to find a place to land and rest. This is to show a change in your life, to stop and think and change something that needs to be changed, like stop flying and land and rest.





The livid crow
Dives down
And pecks the tree


~ Jason Xing

The crow is mad at the tree and starts to attack it with no effect. This is to show that we can’t just get mad at some random thing and begin to try to harm it. Most of the time, we are just harming ourselves. Just like the crow.





The warm summer’s breeze
Carried the pollen
Away from my nose


~ Jason Xing

The breeze from summer has carried the pollen from the flowers away from my nose so I can’t sneeze. This is to show that we need to get away from something that can make us do something not optimal.




The monkey climbs
A aged oak
And thinks himself tall


~ Jason Xing

The monkey climbs an oak tree and it thinks that it is taller than everything else just because it is on a tree. This is to symbolize that we can’t be too sure of ourselves and we have to doubt ourselves every once in a while.






My experience with writing all these haikus are pretty good. They weren’t that hard to write and I liked most of the ones I wrote. I think I put a lot of meaning into them and I gave it my best effort.



If I were someone else reading these poems I would think that these poems are pretty decent for what an 8th grader can write. It is also pretty good for his first attempt at actually writing it. 


This experience of writing haikus is meaningful to me because it really made me think about what makes a good poem and how I can make it so it has a deeper meaning to it. It was a challenge to come up with all of the poems and I think that I have grown from this experience.



If I could have done anything differently I would have probably written the metacognitions for the poems better and gone into a bit more detail on everything that I meant.



The Call of The Wild Literary Analysis

The Call of The Wild Literary Analysis

Challenges Along The Way


By: Jason Xing

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.

-Cicely Tyson

Challenges are a necessity and you need to accept them.

The Call of The Wild by Jack London showed me that challenges in life are unavoidable and it is best to try your best in the face of challenges. Reading The Call of The Wild showed me that anyone can change in the face of challenge and it challenged me with its difficult vocabulary, hard themes, and its briefness, which made it difficult to understand it more deeply. Its story made me rethink all of the challenges I faced in my life.

I originally read The Call of The Wild as a tough assignment that I was forced to do. It was difficult to focus on the story (as I usually do when reading) when I had to constantly find themes and complex vocabulary in the story. After a bit of frustration with this book, I settled down and tried my best to focus on the story and highlight the themes. I eventually got it down and I read this masterpiece of a book. 


While reading this book I had no choice but to think back to all my past challenges: how they had challenged me to think and develop. How they had changed me as a person. Was I the same person that began that journey all those years ago? Or was I just like Buck, Eventually giving to your inner primordial beast and savagely destroying everything in my path that faced a threat? All those challenges in life had changed me. They weren’t just one-off adventures like Bucks. They change you. They change you deeply. I have accepted all of the past  and future challenges I would have to face. I have prepared myself for all the changes I would have to endure in the future as well.


In the end, I would say The Call of The Wild by Jack London is a worthy read that might be confusing at first, but will surely be one of your favorite books by the end of it. It will make you think about things that you have never thought of before. It will change you. 

The Power Of Sleep


The Power of Sleep


It Makes you better

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise 

- Benjamin Franklin

Sleep is the most important thing ever. Sleep has brought me nothing but good, it has helped me do good on tests, be in a good mood, and much much more. Sleep has made me better myself and better everything that I did. It helped me rest up before an important test that will decide my fate in life, it has helped me relax after a long day. Before a long very important test that mostly decided whether I can apply to good secondary schools or not, I had to endure the pain of trying to fall asleep with all these things on my mind. I could not fall asleep for the life of me and as the minutes slipped by, I had less and less time to sleep. Before this incredibly important test (which I thought was the hardest part). No, making my brain shut up so I could sleep was the hardest. My mind raced like it was in a 100-meter sprint and I could not stop thinking about how I would do on my test and what score I would get. My mind kept going and going and going. The minutes slipped by. Each minute I think about useless things, a minute of sleep I lose. I could not let that happen. So I ignored everything my brain was blasting out. Relaxed and tried to fall asleep. Eventually, I did. It took a while but eventually, I fell asleep and had a great test. Now sleep is very important. Even if you are anxious about something coming up, that is fine. Just try to go to sleep and all your worries will go away. For a few hours. The more sleep you get the better. Studies have shown that students perform better on tests and quizzes if they had a very high-quality sleep before. It makes your life very very nice. It can only do you good. It recharges you after a long day. It helps you relax after a stressful day. It also makes you forget about anything you were worrying about before. Now sleep is very important. This is why you need more of it in your life and you need to get more of it in any way you can. It is good except when you have to wake up in the morning.