The Power of Friendship

Friendships Can Shape Your Entire Life

It Changes You


The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

-Hubert H. Humphrey

C98D0FA0-9B61-4122-9A79-DF9CEF87E3BAFriendships can shape your entire life. Friends can make you happy but sometimes conflict can occur but you can learn from those conflicts and strengthen your friendship. I do robotics outside of school. One time he got mad at me during a competition and after that experience our friendship is even stronger now. During an important robotics competition, my friend and teammate, Jeremy, were fixing our robot to get it ready for our next match. When I did something wrong he became mad at me. We began to argue and then he said he didn’t want me to be on his team. I then left because I was mad at him. After a bit my coach and mom found me and told me to go apologize to Jeremy. I was reluctant at first because I didn’t want to apologize but I realized that if I don’t resolve this, it will ruin our friendship. I went to Jeremy and said I was sorry for arguing with him. He also said he was sorry for yelling at me for making a small mistake. Jeremy and I made up after that, and we ended up winning the competition that day. After this experience, my friendship with Jeremy is stronger than ever.

 Conflicts in friendships are important because they can make your friendship stronger than it was before.

The Power of Family

The Power of Family


Sometimes Annoying

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” –John Wooden


Family can be annoying, but it is everything. 

My family can sometimes make me very mad, but whenever that happens I realize that they provided everything to me.

I always knew that without my family, I would have never survived a day. I would have never experienced the things I experienced in life and all the friends and people I have met. They love me, cherish me and sacrifice everything for me. 

At one time after I went on a 12 day-long bike trip in Vermont, I returned home and the moment I stepped in front of the door I stepped inside. 

The moment I arrived at my door I felt a wave of excitement. I haven’t seen my mom in nearly 2 weeks and I was super excited to see my family again. I stepped inside and my mom came towards me and gave me the biggest hug.

When I left home I was excited to finally take a break from my family. They were annoying me so much and I needed a break. But after a few days on my trip, I really missed my family and I realized that family was an integral part of my life and I could not live without them. When I came home I was so happy to see my family again and the thoughts of finally taking a break from my family at the beginning were all gone.

Being in a family can be frustrating, you sometimes want to take a break from them but in the end, you will always realize that your family is one of the most important parts of your life.

Poet X Poem Thing

When class starts Ms.Galiano projects a video:

a woman onstage, her voice quiet

then louder and faster like an express train picking up speed.


The poet talks about being black, about being a woman, 

about how beauty standards make it seem she isn't pretty.

I don't breathe for the entire three minutes


while I watch her hands and face,

feeling like she's talking directly to me.

she's saying the thoughts I didn't know anyone else had.


We're different, this poet and I. In looks, in body,

in background. But I don't feel so different

when I listen to her. I feel heard.


When the video finishes, my classmates,

who are rarely excited by anything, clap softly.

and although the poet isn't in the room


it feels right to acknowledge her this way,

even if it's only polite applause;

my own hands move against each other.


Ms. Galiano asks about the themes and presentation style

but instead of raising my hand, I press it against my heart

and will the chills on my arm to smooth out.


                                                    It was just a poem, Xiomara, I think.

But it felt more like a gift.

The Poet X Letter

Dear Jules,

How are you? I am doing well. School here is ok but I could probably do better. Life in general is also ok.  I hope everything is going well for you. So how's your family? How old are you? What’s your favorite food? How’s life treating you?

In English class at my school, we are reading this book called Poet X By Elizabeth Acevedo. It is about a girl named Xiomara who just entered high school. She has a twin brother and he gave her a notebook. Xiomara writes her thoughts down in that notebook in a poetic style. Each chapter is a poem and we learn more and more about Xiomara and her world in each poem. The book is about family, religion and much more.

I think that the book so far is pretty good and I’m really enjoying all the poems. I do think that the book can do with a bit more detail in each poem. I really like how each poem is centered around one theme and it uses only that one poem to explore everything Xiomara is feeling about that topic.

I really enjoy this one poem called “Church Mass”. It is a poem about Religion and faith. Xiomara describes one of her church masses in detail (this is one of the poems which goes into extreme detail) and tells us everything she sees, hears and feels. I really like this quote

When I look around the church and none of the depictions of angels or Jesus or Mary, not one of the disciples look like me: Morentia and big and scary.

I also Like this quote “To me I feel so small That’s when I feel like a fake.” 

 I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and getting a glint into my life and seeing the things that I am doing. I hope this has inspired you to do great things.


Jason Xing

Why is Writing Hard?

What makes writing so hard? is it coming up with ideas to write about? Or just knowing what to write after your first sentence. Well, I have this problem of not knowing what to write. That is why I'm writing about why writing is so hard. What I think is that writing is hard because some people think that writing takes too long and they won't be able to do it. People also think writing is hard because, well they don't know what topic to write about, and they usually try really hard to think of a good topic and they can't and that's why they think it's hard. In my opinion, though, writing is hard because a combination of thinking about a topic and it took too long to start it even after you know what to write about. This is what I think about why writing is so hard.

Windsor Mountain

Windsor Mountain

Mixed Feelings 


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” 

-Albert Einstein


This trip is like no other. It challenged me, made me look at my classmates differently, and made me braver. This grade trip was a wonderful experience that shaped and changed me over the course of only 3 days. From going on a frightening ropes course to the freezing waters of Black Lake, to being exhausted after a long day of fun. This was my trip and my feelings to Windsor Mountain.


Fear is in everyone but we just don’t know when fear will show up. . Fear is what I felt looking up at the terrifying log of wood that crossing was gonna be very difficult and scary. I look up at the intimidating structure, high up in the air that I was gonna attempt to go across. I was scared by it but I was gonna try. I look down at the ground. 15 feet in the air, I was frozen where I was remembering that I came up here by choice, for fun. The log beneath my feet felt solid but I was still scared. The catwalk looked easy from below, but when you get up there it is terrifying. The long log and a thin rope is the only thing that is holding you from falling down. Slowly, I take tiny steps forward. Inch by inch I go towards the end of the log. I look down, thinking why I went up here in the first place. I remembered. I wanted to do it to see if I could do it. The ropes course was difficult but it was doable. Slowly I keep going across the rough, cylindrical column of wood inching closer and closer to the finish line. I was so close, one step at a time, I got closer, then, I was there. I was relieved to have finished it. I was having thoughts of asking to go down but I got braver and braver and could easily do it after the first attempt. The fear of it drove me to think about going down but eventually I learned to accept the fear and got over it. Fear is in everyone, it just depends on the situation you are in. It resonates inside and is brought out right at the moment you don’t need it. Being scared is normal, that is what I felt when I was high up looking down at everyone on the catwalk. Everything looked so small, insignificant but one that was significant was how scared I was in the moment.I was scared standing on top of the structure. But being scared is one thing, and something being difficult is another. They may seem the same, but they are not and something being difficult can be in the most unexpected places.

I looked across the endless void that we were gonna cross and it suddenly hit me of how difficult this was going to be.

We were on the shaky canoe slowly making our way across the pond. Max was blindfolded and I was telling him where to go and we slowly made our way towards the island for a delicious chocolate bar. We were being splashed by the cold relentless water and the  canoe was shaking a lot. We were afraid that it would flip over and toss us out of the relatively dry inside. Me and Max slowly made our way to the island. I was giving him directions on which way to go. We finally made it to the island and we had to circle it to head back from where we came so we could get that sweet sweet chocolate. I gave Max the directions to circumnavigate the island. We then slowly went around the island. We encountered some problems, like crashing into a rock and having to give instructions to Max to get us out of this rough situation. But it eventually worked out in the end and we were able to go around the island successfully. At this point in the race, we were dead last. But we didn’t get discouraged. We ended up finishing the race in last. The experience was still fun even if we didn’t get that chocolate bar. It is difficult to do certain things. Not scary but just hard to do, such as canoeing blindfolded. It was difficult to go to the island and go around and back. Even though we didn’t win that chocolate bar, the experience was all worth it. After a whole day of fun, all you can do is think about sleep. The sleep that everyone needs and is the best thing in the world. After everything I have gone through, all I could think about was wriggling into my sleeping bag and going to sleep.

Sitting by the campfire, I looked up at the endless dark void with little dots of lights, all I could think about was how tired I was.

The campfire lasted what seemed like an eternity. But finally, it was over and I sprinted my way over to that rickety old cabin where I would be spending my night in.

Jumping into my bunk, I was looking forward to a nice long sleep. But then it hit me; I had so much stuff to do before I went to sleep! Reluctantly, I dragged my body out of my sleeping bag and went towards the bathroom to change and brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I was even more tired and could only think about how finally I could go to sleep. But the people in my cabin had other ideas. They kept talking for a long long time. At the time I tried to get some shut eye but they were just too loud. Eventually, I gave up and joined the conversation. We talked for a while before we finally stopped and everyone went into a deep dark sleep. Sleep is needed, sleep is for everyone. You need sleep and sleep needs you. It comes when you need it and sleep is what I needed when I stared into the dancing flames. After getting a nice long sleep, I woke up and found that everyone in my cabin was still asleep. That sleep was so good that I thought it was still the night before. I was excited for the day ahead of me, and couldn’t wait for breakfast. 

I have conquered my obstacles, now it's your turn.

My Passion

Making Things

Frustratingly Fun

Art is a line around your thoughts.

―  Gustav Klimt

I like to make things. Like arts and crafts stuff. I usually make things out of cardboard and paper and other things. I use hot glue and other glues to form them together. I like to make random things. I mainly like to create model rockets out of toilet paper tubes.


    These rockets, and other stuff, take hours and hours to build, tweak and test. During those hours of work I get frustrated many many times. It could be that I can’t get the shape of something right or something isn’t straight and I realize that I would have to redo all of that work just so I can fix that one itty bitty mistake I made. Hours later the thing that I was working on is mostly done. Now if this was a functional model rocket I would go launch and test it. But sometimes I won’t test it for months just because I was tired of working on it. After I conduct these tests I usually clean up and fix the damaged parts of the rocket and replace or fix them. After I do that I would see what was causing the problems and try to see if I could fix them. After that I would usually conduct another series of test flights to eliminate most or all of the issues. 


    Now most of my rockets are kind of simple and terrible by means of aerodynamics and stability. My rockets would be heavier, less optimal then model rockets you can buy in a store. But it's more fun than building a rocket you can buy in the store. You could do whatever you want with it and you could tinker and experiment with everything you do and that is what makes it fun.

    I love space and rocketry and by building these rockets I feel like a part of everything and it makes me feel very inspired and motivated to do things that I wouldn’t usually do.