Power of Hardship

Learn From Losts 

-Rain Yang 


“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”– Kenji Miyazawa

We grow from hardship. Without the hard times I experienced in the past, I will be stuck in my past. Tough things happen to us, but it won’t last long, but we will. We all lost something before, it might be a someone, it might be a thing, or it could be something not important. I lost a trophy. It was me and my teammates were at home disappointed. It last year summer, when we lost in a gaming finals. It’s a game called “Cross Fire”, similar to “CS Go”. It was a great match, we saw the victory when we made to the finals. But the truth was disappointing. We lost 3 to 2, it was devastating. Now I see the improvements  my team and I need to make in the future. The game was tied. We could win this match. I felt my heart bouncing like a car on the highway. I was focused, I told my teammates what to do, we held our spots. I saw the timer ticking down, from 5 minutes, 4 minutes... suddenly the opposing team rushed the other bomb site. It was a wild move, without hesitation they decided to put everything on the line. My teammates weren’t ready, they got eliminated. Me and the ones left rushed to the other site. My teammates has traded(getting eliminated after elimination). It was a 1v3. I felt all the pressure on me. I held my position, I eliminated two guys. “Last one!” I felt like I could of clutched the game. My blood was boiling. I saw him, and I tagged him. But he hit the luckiest shot in his life. Unfortunately, I was out of the game. Even I own the MVP title. But when I see what I could of done better in the game. The differently tactics I could of used. I could of done better. Now I am capable of taking the lost, I learn from it, and I get better. 

Power of Place

A Place I Gave My All

-Rain Yang 




“there’s always a place in your heart that remains special.” -Rain Yang 


There is always a place that brings up memories. The childhood memories comes back just by looking at this court. This place has shaped me and changed me. A change from no one to someone. I spend too much time at this place. Just by doing the simplest drills, it was a place I gave my all. I was walking down the road with a basketball, right next to a basketball court. I was around 11, when I just start playing basketball. I played bad, and I was disappointed by myself. Walking down the road, while listening to the ball bouncing, people yelling, and the fun they were having. I decided, I’ll prove them wrong. I changed, looking back from now, it really brought up a lot of memories. I was a no one. Just a little kid who was trying to play and learn basketball. But no one accepted me, because I was small, weak, and not skilled. I was angry, and stressed. I knew the only way to play with them was to get better. So, I trained myself. Day and night, I’ll be at the court in the morning just practice dribbling. I practiced my shots. There is always a reason behind one’s success. I never gave up my goal and what motivates me play with them. I kept bouncing the ball alone, I kept shooting the ball alone, I kept practicing alone. But, finally the day came. They needed someone to play. I was the only one available. They needed me to jump in. I started casual, just by making lays up. Until, I surprised one of the defenders with a crossover and making him fall. Looking back, I never knew this was such a special space, until I realized the time I sacrificed to get better at basketball, and without this place I won’t be a good basketball player. It was important to me because I gave my all.

Call of The Wild Literary Analysis Essay


Rain Yang
Freshman English
Professor Fitzsimmons
Oct 24th 2018


The Beast willing to Survive




“...he sings a song of the younger world, which is the song of the pack.”

(The Call Of The Wild, Jack London Chapter 7)

       He sang the song of the pack. He ran with of the wolves. To survive, he be came the beast in the wild. He accept the call of the wild. Buck was no more a sled dog, he became what he wanted to be. He became the beast inside of him. It was great to read. 

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Power of Family

A Small Thing

-Rain Yang 



“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Sometimes something simple can make a great difference to our life. One gift, one hug, one word could change something big. It did changed something forever. Back when I was 8 years old, my dad was having a hard time at work, he wasn’t coming home during the weekends, he was having four hours of sleep everyday, and I was the only reason why he was working so hard. He didn’t need to be a hard worker, he could sit back home, and relax. But he choose to work his hardest and to support me. Once again, I was just a 8 years old that hopes my dad could come back for the weekend. But hope vanished, the faith broke, my mom told me that dad was still working in the company, he is not coming back for dinner. I was blown out, I asked my mom, “when’s dad coming back?” The answer was always “maybe next week.” I was stressed and tired. I couldn’t understand what was forcing my dad to stay at work for weeks, even months. I missed my dad. I could only talked to my dad on the phone. I never saw him face to face in this past weeks. I really wish I saw him. I had a idea, how about I go to the place where my dad works. My mom didn’t reject my plan. We did go to Dongguan, where my dad works, which’s was couple hours away. I was desperate to see my dad and surprise him. But unfortunately, the office my dad was working requires an authorized account or passcode. I had to wait outside. Until, I saw my dad walking out and open the door. I saw the joy and surprise on his face. I gave him a hug. After that, my dad tries his best to come back home no matter what happens. Finally, we ate dinner at the same table. Sometimes, a small things could make a change.

Journal entry #2

Why I Love Kobe Bryant as a Basketball Player 


-Rain Yang 

I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.- Kobe Bryant



      Kobe was one of greatest that have ever played on the court. One of the greatest that ever wore a purple and gold jersey. One of the hardest worker that even known. He was my favorite player. The shooting form, the fadeaway, the passes, just looked beautiful to me. Well, all this started couple years ago....

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One Trip 

-Rain Yang 


Summer goes fast, but memories stays. -Rain Yang 


     When summer was warm with sunshine, I was locked in a room full with paper and pen. While families are on their way to other countries and places, I was still in a room full with books, pens, and papers. My summer wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I spent most of my time on learning and studying. Still, I had a chance to enjoy my summer with my friends, to a beach settled somewhere near southern of China, discovering something I never knew, and to step out of my comfort zone.

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Trip to Belknap

Feel home 

-Rain Yang 




Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


     The wind blowing, the bus engine roaring, the rain falling. We have arrived to our final destination. My first impression of this camp was only with a baseball field, and a long walkway, that leads to nowhere. This was where everything happened. Camp Belknap, our senior trip will start from here on this gloomy Wednesday afternoon.

      This trip to Belknap really important to seniors like us. This three day trip to belkanp has taught us more than what we have thought about being seniors of the School. The different activities, some known as the bijou ball. We have experienced so much which made different changes to our senior lives. On the other hand, the Belknap staffs has taught us about the importance of being the leaders of the school, and how they could help the school form a closer community by getting close to others. Personally, I have never thought that being the elders is that of a big deal and to the School and others, never knew they have a huge impact amongst others, especially the lower grades.

       Frankly, I never thought that this trip will be really important. From the first step, I stepped on the ground, I was even concerned that this trip will be boring. But after having some activities, and some fun, I realized my assumptions were wrong, totally wrong. I enjoyed my first day at camp. After sharing our thoughts and ideas to each other at night. We had to go to bed. With in the dark, the cabin leaders, also known as the staff will leave the cabin during the night, which I don’t have a reason of why. We will start having fun “secretly.” But it didn’t work, they told we were too loud. I knew that we aren’t really being responsible to our school and ourselves. However, the most important event to me, was the campfire. Where we gathered around under moon and stars, and sang songs that healed my heart and shared goals. During this event, I had my tears falling. Somehow, I felt like home. Never before I had actually enjoyed a campfire. In general, to our family, coming to America was a really difficult choice, because we had to leave so many things behind, and actually inhabit a new place. Which is also really hard for my mom. She can’t even understand English properly. She had to make a decision to come to America and settle with me. To me, leaving China is a difficult in many different ways. In America, I doesn’t feel like a true home to me somehow. I would be thinking about the differences of China and America. I left so much behind. But sitting in front of the campfire, and singing the same song with my friends, has really touched my heart. Because it made is special. Until, when we shared our goals, and listened to others, I decided to open myself up to others, and let others to have a better chance of understanding me.

      To me, this trip wasn’t just meant for discovering and practice our leadership, it was a change. I decided to enjoy being part of this community, and be a better friend. I will however try to view what I have as part of my home. What I have as part of my treasure. Maybe we have experienced something different in the camp, but to me it was really more than realizing the importance. My goal was to open myself up to others. What I thought it was really important to me, was me being honest, and to be able to create a new home.

      A home, home is precious. It is hard to achieve on having a great home and family. In this trip, I really felt the flesh and blood of a friend a family. It was a loving experience for me. To feel the closeness between everyone, a community. A family, that’s what I felt. I was lucky, to be part of this community, a realize how lucky I was, I really do.