Sonnet for Mom

Slam Poem #2



Rain Yang 


What is the purpose of life. 

For most of the people, what is the purpose of life.  

It is probably to reach their goal 

Maybe to have a family, 

or a successful career?

But is it that easy?

Why do you think it is easy?


Life isn't that easy. 

This place is nasty. 

You will probably get hit harder and harder,

And you’ll fall to the ground harder.

You will eventually fail

On school, family, 

But rise, 


Rise, like a eagle flying the sky. 


You said you want to be successful. 

But do you? Do you? 

Do you really want to be successful, 

More than you want to sleep? Party?

You want to eat when you shouldn't be. 

You want to stop when you should be moving forward. 

You decided to give up 

when the chances are fluttering out of your sight. 


Your life depends on you, not on your parents, it is on you, yourself, 

if you’re lost, then find a way, 

if there is no way, then make your own way 


You should be able to master your life. 

On school, on sports, even on life, 

The reward is equivalent to the labor you gave up. 

If you sacrificed nothing, you will get nothing 


So, Rise, like the stars hanging in the night 


You need to have the ability to resilient 

Like the bounce back of a rubber ball 

So once, you can learn from the failure, 

and be the one you wanted to be. 

So once you can be you. 


You thought

this place is full of sunshine and rainbows

But all of this is just an illusion 

It is cruel

This world will knock you down again and again

But it doesn't matter 

You just need to get back up again and again,

The part it matters is how much you can take 

And kept moving forward. 


Rise, rise, and rise, until you shine, like the sun, coruscating in the sky. 


Once, an old man has said, if you want to be successful just as you want to breathe underwater, you will be successful. 


So rise…….


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