The Power of Place

The Power of Place
When the basement door opens


If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without even knowing it.



Everyone has a place they always go to when the day is done and all they want to do is relax. That’s why I go down to the basement after a long day of school. I might be stressed, I might be bored, I might be wanting a break. Whatever the reason, if I want to stop, the basement is my retreat.

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The Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship

Cooperation in tandem


“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”
~Woodrow Wilson

Friends are always at your side. That’s why I chose him to work with me for the final project.
    Sebastian and I huddle up around my desk, as I scroll through the 3 pages of notes colored red and blue, color coded for who wrote what. Our topic is why the Massachusetts State Flag is racist. I start a script while Seb’s IPad displays the notes. It takes about 5 minutes to edit and finish up the script. I lay out the framework for the rest of the work we have to trudge through, and we leave for Mr. Morrison’s room for Seb to record.

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The Power of Family

The Power of Family
Grouped Up



Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.
-J.K. Rowling

The best families are the closest families. Lucky for me, my family is very close-knit. Even if we’re in different states, on different schedules, living different lives, we always come together whether it be vacation, trip, or holiday. My family is one of the reasons I work well with others.

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Questions for Ms. Galiano Poem


In the poem Questions for Ms. Galiano, the theme is urgency. Xiomara gets to English class early and tries to keep her lips shut, but she ends up asking about the poetry club. She asks her if she wants to join, but she says no.


I’m one of the first students in English class the next day.
And although I promised myself I would keep my lips
stapled together when Ms. Galiano asks me how I’m doing,
the words trip and twist their ankles
Trying to rush out of my mouth: “Soyourunthepoetryclubright?”

She doesn’t laugh. Cocks her head, and nods.
“Yes, we just started it this year. Spoken Word Poetry Club.”

And my face must have been all kinds of screwed-up confused
Because she tries to explain how spoken word is performed poetry,
But it all sounds the same to me… except one is memorized.

“It might be easier if I showed you.
I’ll pull a clip up as today’s intro to class.
Are you thinking of joining the club?”

I shake my head no. She gives me that look again,
When someone who doesn’t know you is sizing you up
Like you’re a broken cloak and they’re trying to translate the ticks.

I thought the theme was urgency. I thought this due to the fact that in the first stanza, Xiomara’s words are rushed and blurted out, and they “trip and twist their ankles” while trying to leave her mouth.

Dear Otis (The little boy in Belgium),

Dear Otis,

How are you? Why are you? Who are you? How’s your also-fictional sister, Marie? How’s Ms. Janssens, your fictional mother? I’ve been doing well. I’m in 8th grade now, and school has been going well. I have grades that I am mostly satisfied with, and I’m doing my best in Cross Country, my sport that I play at school.

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Student Senate Speech

Sebastian Gear      Max Yerid


I’m Sebastian Gear, and I’m Max Yerid, and we are running for Student Senate. We both came to school in 6th grade, and we strive to become more pronounced members of this community. One of the main reasons we want to run for senate is because we wish to bring fun activities to the eighth grade during the aftermath of COVID. One way we can do this is through contests and tournaments, though we can always do more.

Sebastian and I both believe that we have the skills required to make both of us successful senators. We get along very well with each other. We are honest, adaptable, courageous, and are good listeners. We will concentrate on the eighth grade student body, and you can give us suggestions or feedback. We would also have a box for any ideas if we are elected as senators.

As senators, we believe that our job would be to lead both physically and by example, as a goal of ours is to lift everyone’s spirits during these hard times after COVID. We want to make everyone in this grade feel good to be at school. We want everyone to be happy to be with their classmates, and excited to come back the next day. We really want to make Fenn a better place than it already is. This seems tough at first, but we believe we can contribute something to the community that will make it better than it was. 

    Today, we ask you all for your vote. We want to host art contests, trivia contests, sports tournaments, and maybe more. We strive to bring fun to the eighth grade as it seems needed this year, with the delta variant and everything else going on. All in all, we think that we’d be a good fit for senators because we listen, we are honest, courageous and adaptable, and we work well together. We promise that we will focus on your ideas first. Vote Sebastian and Max for 8th grade Student Senate for all of these ideas.


Virtual Passion


 Virtual Passion
My passion of the wide subject known as video games


Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.
~Gary Vaynerchuk

    We all have passions. Drawing, sports, games, we can all think of at least one. They can vary on multiple fronts. Is it athletic like football, or is it nonathletic like movies. Is it creative like drawing, or is it bland like swimming. Mine could be described as not that athletic, yet creative. One of my “passions” is video games.

    Now, the topic “video games” is probably a choice that gets picked by at least four others in the class. Do I care? No. I enjoy video games, and I picked it. There are multiple genres for video games that are more enjoyable than others, and tangled within those jungle vines are opinions, which make it even harder to extricate the best genre. One person could love the rush of playing a shooter, while someone else might play a platform fighter, and a third person would like the creativity available in a sandbox.

    Personally, I have played all of the above, and they’re the same genre as three of my favorite games. I’ll cover “shooters” first. It’s self-explanatory. You control a character with a gun of some sorts and attack an enemy of some sort. There are two types of shooters, an FPS ( first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter). FPS is when you play with the perspective of the character you’re controlling, and TPS is when you play from behind the character you’re controlling. I play a Star Wars game where you play as characters from the movies. It’s fun, and I’ve played it a lot. I think I’m decent at the game, and I can get better.

    Ok. Platform fighters. The least self-explanatory of the three. A platform fighter is a 2D or a 2.5D (a 2D game that uses 3D models/sprites) fighting game primarily based on movement on the ground and in the air. A notable game in this category, also the one I play, is Super Smash Bros. This classic fighting game has mainly Nintendo characters, some are more well known like Mario, and some are obscure like Pit. Each character has different attacks and play styles that make it so that each character in the oddly large roster of 89 fighters suits a different person. The community for this game is very large, with pros competing in world-wide tournaments. The community for Smash isn’t as big as the next game, though.

    A Sandbox game sounds like games that little kids would play on a playground, but because of one singular game, it’s very popular among children and adults alike. First off, it’s a game where you can build, destroy, and create whatever you want. But, that one game. The game with the highest amount of sales for a video game ever. Minecraft. I don’t just use this game of blocks and pixels for enjoyment. I can use it to connect with friends through servers. I can use it to express myself with skins and buildings alike. I can survive through the night and try to stay alive. I can build without every feeling the threat of night, the threat of damage. Minecraft is such a simple concept with an extraordinary execution, especially because it started with one teenager and his friends in Sweden. The low start that turned into the video game that everyone knows about if they have even held a controller. It needs no introduction.

    Although, this essay needs the opposite. Video games create things that not a lot of other things can. They can create a sense of mysticality or mundaneness. Anger or excitement. It’s hard to explain it, but to understand it, you have to feel it.



The worst part about writing this “poem”
Is that nothing bugs me.
Not the off-balanced blinds next to my bed
Not a blabbering brother who can’t shut up
It just all rolls off like a ball down a hill.

The thing is,
I’ve created a paradox
A paranormal, paranoidal paradox.
Nothing bugs me, but the fact that 
I can’t find something that bugs me 
is bugging me
A dog chasing its own tail kind of situation.

The fact that I’m not bugged by anything is bugging me,
But therefore, I AM bugged by something,
But I’m bugged about not being bugged.
See the point?


Paradoxes are logic loopholes that never end.
They’re like two portals
One on the floor
One on the ceiling.
You jump into one,
And you can’t stop falling into the other.
A race with no end
And no start.