Cats vs Dogs (Repost)

Which one will better serve as my coat


Home is where cat hair sticks to everywhere but the cat


I’ve been trying to find a topic to write about, and through the constant nagging of a friend, I have decided to do something involving cat hair. The fabulous friends kept suggesting things like “catnip productions slowed down by corona”, “what happens if you eat a whole jar of the weird Korean bean paste in one sitting”, “what does a human tendon with rsi taste like”, and “how much time would it take the cover a humans internal organs in a layer of cat hair”. So that’s why I’m here. I decided to write a dog vs cat essay, in terms of hair shed. 


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Fish Food (Repost)

If it walks like a duck rainbow, sounds like a duck rainbow, looks like a duck rainbow, then it’s a duck rainbow, and hopefully it tastes like one too




“Apparently fish are terrible gluttons with absolutely no self-control who just don’t know when they’ve had enough and will stuff themselves to death with those innocuous little beige flakes imaginatively labeled ‘fish food’ ”

— Steve Toltz



Fish food. It’s very crispy, it’s small, and most importantly, it’s rainbow colored. Who would want to eat it?


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Writer's Block (Repost)

I would write a subtitle, but I’m out of ideas



“Writer's block: when your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you”

-Journal Spark's book


Ah, they joy of writer's block. Just when I need to write something, it appears, as if summoned by my actions. I will now be rendered useless for the next 30 minutes, trying to brainstorm ideas to write about. Occasionally, an idea will appear, but it is such a bad topic that there is no way to expand on the idea, much less meet the criteria of the assignment I am trying to write. Or I'll think of an idea, only to forget it when I start writing.


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Power of Empathy, Bigotry, and Marginalization (Repost)

Being sick can cause issues in public spaces


“Inclusion is a right, not a privilege for a select few”

-Judge Geary, Oberti vs Board of Eduction



Being empathetic can prevent many conflicts. Being empathetic prevents causing issues or being the target of issues. When I was back to school from being sick, empathy could have made the return much easier.

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Procrastination (Repost)

Today becomes tomorrow, but tomorrow still exists, so I should have infinite time, right? Right?

77190811-FB4A-4715-9BF1-212AA875EB93“Can’t be bothered”

-Mark Zhang, very frequently


It’s amazing how fast time flies, especially when you procrastinate. About two weeks ago, I found out I could get extra credit for English if I could do a little bit of work. 5 blog posts for 5 points, 5 microworx for 5 points, or a literary reflection for 5 points. I don’t like writing literary reflections, so I decided to do the blog points and microworx. 


“If you complete five Microworx assignments, I will give you five points. [I will post them soon]”

-Fitz, 3/20/12

I would now like to thank Fitz for the abundance of microworx he created. In fact, I would like to give him an award for his master procrastination. (Please do not cease my existence.) Anyway, with my masterful planning skills, I decided to spread out my time, and tackle things in a calm and controlled manner. Based on the title of this post, you can tell that didn’t happen. 

I would suggest watching this ted talk, “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”. My “instant gratification monkey” hijacked my brain for nearly two week, only to release its grip now, where I am struggling to write 5 blog posts at 9:00 PM, 4/1/20. I amazing at planning. Not only did I waste close to two weeks, but I managed to ignore constant reminders to get something done during all that time. 

Needless to say, I am not having fun right now. I am now willing to consider procrastination as my greatest strength. I’ve never exactly experienced euphoria while writing, and cramming 5 blog posts into a time span of about an hour is not my idea of a good time. You’d think I’d learn my lesson already, from countless other experiences, but I seem to be able to procrastinate learning the lesson itself. 

I will now conclude this essays because I have run out of things to write, and because it’s getting late and I am being bugged to go sleep.

I would like to end with a profound impact, but I’m too lazy to write one. Ah, the joy of procrastination.



Spring Blog Post #1 (Repost)


Life has more twists and turns than the longest route on Google Maps

2E310655-B85E-4049-BF1E-127377DFC5E5“Don’t look back with regret, look forward with hope”



    Regret. It’s the choices we make that we wish we could do over. We all make choices we regret, choices we would pay to redo, choices we wish we could forget about, expel them to the fringe of our mind, to bury them so deep that we will never find them again. But they always return, and you question yourself again whether you made the right decision or not.

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