Things Happen

journal entry #2


“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” —John Paul Jones

I could hear sirens of the ambulance as it was approaching. The kid on the field was suffocating, but extreme pain made him stay still. The boy was surrounded by about five faculties, some checking him and some spraying water. He got trampled, ran over by ten other kids, and his back shouldn’t look too good. The Fay football player soon got on the ambulance the sirens started to fade into the distance. A fine alumni party was now ruined. “Football is a dangerous sport,” I told my friends. Some people nodded instead of saying “I agree,” because their mouths were stuffed with burgers. People soon went back to what they were doing before as if nothing happened. Oh, these poor naive people will never have any idea of what’s coming to them next.

Badminton was one of my favorite sports, I’ve been playing ever since I was in kindergarten back in China. My team was beating the other team by about one hundred and seventy nine points, and some people on the other team were even rage quitting. I felt really bad for completely destroying their ego, so I offered to be on the other team. After like ten minutes our team was winning by sixty eight points, and every time I win I would yell “thanos car or thanos shoe.” Soon everyone lost interest and since we were all hungry we decided to get lunch.

The burger that I payed eight dollars for was disgusting, so I decided to steal some food from the band. I went over to the band room, saw my friend Michael. “Hi Lukas,” he greeted. I ignored him because I was dying of starvation. I asked one of the staffs if I can get pizza. She hesitated but still told me I can in the very end. “Pizza’s not enough,” I thought to myself, so I then asked for some Capri sun. The staff hesitated again but still said yes. “Your not suppose to take them,” Michael cried. Once again, I ignored him because my mouth was stuffed with the delicious pizza and the thirst quenching Capri sun I got from the band room.

After I was done eating, I went to the field again. We played a bit of badminton again but then we say something we’d never dream of, the bouncy castle. Did we care we were ninth graders, no because there was a sign clearly stating “has to be ten or above to enter.” I raced one of my friends and he being not very athletic, unlike me, lost the race. Then I was up for my second challenge, a tenth grader. We both got ready and just as Mr. Santos said go, I sprinted while avoiding obstacles and hopping over things. Surprisingly I got there first. Then I waited for the tenth grader but there was no sign of him. Time passed by but he could not be seen, it was then I heard sounds of the ambulance siren. He dislocated his knee. Once again, another patient got on the ambulance, then the sirens started to fade away in the distance.

I stood there and gazed at the ambulance until it disappeared. It left me thinking how easily an accident can happen. Although it wasn’t anything fatal, we should still be grateful that we’re all healthy living beings. However when accidents do happen to us, be positive and don’t let that effect our lives.

Or maybe they were incidents all alone.




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Andy Barton

This was a fascinating blog. I really felt like I was right there with you while you were campaigning. This blog was full of plot twists, humor, and intrigue. The biggest plot twist was that the main antogonist, Michael Lando, ended up being your friend. This blog was very well written and is in the top 4 blogs I’ve read in the class. The bubble wrap was a fantastic idea, and even though so many people tried to bring you down you flourished like a flower. This was an inspiring blog.


Wow Lukas, LOL. The funny thing is that I was present during most of this stuff and putting it into paragraphs really makes me think about how funny it was. That really was a great race and I think that the school administration learned some things about the presidential election from that race as well. This was well written and quite humorous, thank you.

Andrew Pesce

What an emotional coaster! I went from hating Michel at the beginning, to falling in love with him in the end. Great post!


This post made my day! It is hilarious. The campaign had a lot if ups and downs, but I'm glad you came back to Michael! Your essay was well structured.


You have such a fun and direct style, and you capture the craziness of your "campaign" with detail and vivid imagery. You do have soem formatting issues--and I can't wait to go over comma rules with you:)


Sorry--not sure how my comment on your campaign blog ended up here on your Belknap essay...

THIS ESSAY IS AWESOME. Man O' Man you captured me from the start with a mystical opening (literally and figureatively) and you follow through with a series of interesting paragraphs that expore how you discover who you are.

The conclusion is one of the best I have ever seen. By bringing us back to the beginning, it takes us back through everything we--as readers--gained from this essay!

I don't even mind the lower case subtitle--it works!


This is a great post! I really like all of the personal searching you talk about doing on the water at Belknap. It's cool how you open with the first scene on the canoe and you cannot really see yourself, but that after all of the exercises at Belknap, when you return to the canoe the next time you see yourself and who you are.

Andrew Pesce

I like how you add a short conclusion at the end..

Tucker Winstanley

I eqnjoyed your vivid depictions of the opening scene. Your passion for badmition seeped into this writing piece. Your descriptions of the food was on point, clear, and concise. Finally I though your concluding sentence was very intriguing “I stood there and gazed at the ambulence until it disappeared.”

Steven Xing

You see, accidents are a part, in fact an important part of life, without accidents and injuries, you will never learn. Most minds don't learn very well or at all when they were told to learn. For example:" Hey, wear a safety helmet or some protection." But people just don't listen. How many stories have you heard that after an accident or injury, the person began taking precautions? Relating to Malala, she never experienced what it was like to get shot at or attacked, so she didn't take protections for herself, what did she do after her incident? level up the security level right? Same thing. But over all a great story.

McCliff Metellus

I really like the quote I also really like how you kept the story 100% true saying the hamburger was disgusting. I also love to humor in it.

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