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A9A59C2D-52DD-448C-BF8F-906EC1CF5B26X“There is nothing in this world more to be prized than true friend ship” —Thomas Aquinus



It was a bright spring day, the sun rose from the horizon and shined on the glorious white buildings of fenn. It was early in the morning, and there were chill and soft winds blowing.  I got to school really early, at about six, totally not prepared for the presidential campaign. I made some cards to give out but there was totally not enough time. After that I went to the drop off circle and handed cards while other people was handing super cool things(not to blame anyone but my partner showed up at eight), that made me looked like a complete fool. Michael and I were so not prepared that we did not even have anything ordered online. That was a extremely valuable lesson, I swore to myself that I would never do things unprepared again. 


Michael and I finally figured out what to buy online, but it was going to take about three days to ship; the campaign would be over at that time. However since I was quite an intellectual, soon a solution was found. With my incredible problem solving abilities and creativity. I knew that a normal human being would be abscessed with popping  bubbles on a piece bubble wrap, because how satisfying they were. I also didn’t want to waste most of our campaign budget for some “other” reasons, so I bought those cheap, cheap huge rolls of bubble wraps. I then cut them into medium sized squares and made about 300 of them, and obviously my great partner did not help at all. The next morning, I handed out bubble wraps and people just go absolutely nuts with it and everything went pretty well. 


My second problem came right after the second day. It was still a fine morning, until Mr.Ward came and asked that if we have permission  to gave out bubble wraps. He said that popping them would be very distracting in class, both for the teacher and the students. Mr.Ward then asked Mr.Boonisar if that was allowed. Of corse everything worked out at the end, because I told Mr.Boonisar that about half of my campaign budget went into the purchase of bubble wraps(which was true considered the amount I bought). I was then allowed to hand the out but I had to give warnings to people. Michael came at around eight again and told me that handing out bubble wraps was a terrible idea, such positivity! 


After the a successful week of campaigning, all my friends think that I hated Michael because he did absolutely nothing. We did have a few arguments and some unpleasant time, but in the end, I thought nothing was more important than friendship. The point of campaigning was really the process of helping two people to know each other better, but all we did was complain. I did not blame anyone for losing the campaign but myself, if only did I become more positive and supportive because after all, all that mattered was having a great time with my friend.



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