Overcoming pain

summer narrative


“I am more than my scars.”
Andrew Davidson

The pain never stops. Physically and mentally tortured for thirteen hours in the air, the pain never stopped. From the time I arrived at the airport, there was not one moment I didn’t experience physical or mental pain. I thought the plane ride was going to be fun, so many new movies, delicious deserts and questionable food. But those were just my wildest dreams. I still clenched my first, and bit down hard on my tongue until it bled, “let’s just get this over with.”

I sat in front the boarding gate, there’s still two and a half hours left until I was actually going to board the plane. I kept wondering why we had to come to the airport so early, there’s just no point of doing that. I had to watch YouTube for about two hours with my half broken headphones while having the most terrible WiFi. It was a truly fun experience. I was extremely patient and after two hours, we finally got on the plane, but then it was delayed for some reason. At that point I wanted to rage, but my rationality overcame my rage and I again, decided to be patient again. The plane took off, I did not know how important patience would be later in my life, and how useful it would be for almost the entire flight.

“It’s time for me to watch some nice movies,” I thought as I tried the screen in front of me.
Just as my hand touched the power button, the seat in front pulled back with extreme speed. Because my face was a bit too close to the screen, my nose hit the seat therefore delivering a tremendous amount of pain. My tears were urging to come out as I pressed my nose with my hands, I felt the hot blood dripping out of my nose and anger. Instead of raging I stayed positive.
“At least my nose is not broken.” I thought. I was too busy to rage anyways, so
I calmed down and started watching the movies. The screen was close to my face, I felt like my nose is actually touching the screen but I was so drawn by the amazing movies that I’ve never seen before, then pain on my nose disappeared. I really started to think that all the pain was worth it. I learned that the person in front of me pulled his chair back because the person in front of him did. I was happy that my positivity prevented me from having a unnecessary conflict. Anger and rage were never going to get me anywhere in life.

It’s been seven hours in the air and I’m getting real tired. Sleep was the one thing I needed the most, and so I closed my eyes ready for good nap. I then fell asleep within minutes. All was well until I was suddenly woken by the cries of little boys and girls. I was a very polite and patient person by then, so I didn’t really care that much. But after that I was woken up the sound of crying over and over again. It was to a point where I couldn’t fall asleep anymore. I kept myself really calm, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Although I was tired and annoyed but then I realized my nose stopped bleeding, that’s something positive. My exhaustion however, didn’t allow me to think that much, and so I dug my head in the pillow over and over again. I never gave up and just kept trying, and finally the kids were asleep. It was peaceful, quiet as my eyes started close slowly and then I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

I opened my eyes, and I looked out the window. I can see my city, the city where I’ve spend my entire childhood in. The sky was clear, I can see my city, every car, every house, every skyscraper. Home sweet home.




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Oscar Patton

This is a great essay. I like how you explained the way you dealt with frustration on the flight. I think you accidentally pasted your essay twice so you might want to delight one.

Conor Kennealy

Lukas this was awesome. I never expected the nosebleed scene but I felt it. Those are really bad. I think you might’ve pasted another copy in though.


I can feel your pain. Lots of detail around the mental and physical pain. Maybe add where you were going to and from, but this is a good reflective piece about the pains of flying.

Michael A

Good essay Lukas. I like how you explained all your pain. That sounds like a frustrating plane trip and you almost got me with the double post.

harrison Bertos

Great essay Lukas. I could feel your pain and stress throughout the essay, because I go on multiple long soccer and have to sit next to the same type of kids, and let me tell you. Its not fun. I think you pasted you essay into the blog twice, and you might want to fix that

Andrew Heinze

This essay was very relatable because I often have to travel quite a bit for hockey. I liked how you counted the hours and talked about the pain you were going through. I liked the detail you used for this very good essay.


Lukas you did a great job opening up about your fear. You really got me hooked and I truly wanted to keep reading. Good job really describing every moment of your trip. Great job Lukas!

Fru nkimbeng

Sorry to say but I couldn’t help myself but laugh when talked about hurting you’re nose. It was hilarious. I really loved this essay because you used lots of sarcasm and comedy that I didn’t expect. One question is where was the place that you were going to?

Andy Barton

This story really resonated with me. I dislike plane rides too, especially the long ones. This was a humorous story full of great writing. Good job!

Michael L

Very vivid and interesting essay. Your theme of pain brings a lot situations and how you can overcome them. I like you last part, “Home sweet home.”


You are such a good and interesting storyteller. I loved reading this. It could be even better if you introduced your themes earlier in the essay--(in the first paragraph). They do come out--anger, patience, rationality... but it is hard to know if these themes are the reason for this essay.

I like the conclusion. I wonder if there is a way to rewrite it and include the themes that dominate your story?

Matthew Nicholas

You are really good at showing detail. It almost felt like I was on the plane. I can’t believe the person infront of you made your nose bleed. Nice essay.

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