Walden Writing Prompt
Blank Verse, Sonnet

Power of Place 2

The Library 

0195305C-9A70-4018-82EA-CE3CF74A6078“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
William Shakespeare

There is a place, that is special and powerful. This place is the fenn library. The library symbols knowledge and wisdom, and I often find myself searching for them. Every morning in the library is unforgettable, because of all the productivity that it provides. Although it might not be terrible quite, I often find the tools that will assist me with my work with ease, or receive help from my generous classmates while in the library. This really helps out a lot when I’m trying to be productive and get work done. Not only are the mornings unforgettable, the afternoons are quite remarkable as well. In the afternoon, the library is in absolutely silence which makes for the perfect place to take a nap. I would close my eyes and have a good long nap before the awfully exhausting sports. If I did not feel like sleeping nor doing homework, I can simply chat and communicate with my classmates or help them with their work. The fenn library became a part of my life, from seventh grade to ninth grade, five times a week, a lot of days per year, i came to the library pretty much everyday. I felt connected to that a place and it really became an important part of my life, kind of like one of the few necessities to be brutally honest.


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