Hard Work Pays Off

A Boy and His Boat


        How I built a canoe out of wood, glue and paint.



               Quote: Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat

                      without a crew in the middle of the ocean.

Not every boy gets to build a boat, not every boy likes building things, not every boy likes to paddle, but I got the chance to build my own canoe and I love to paddle.The boat looks cool, but it’s very hard to build. You might be wondering: did you do it by yourself?

Well, actually I built my canoe at Summer Fenn a camp in Concord, Massachusetts. It took me 5 days to build it.You might thought this is not dangerous at all, but it actually is. You use knives, strews and screw guns to build it, BUT I did it very carefully, so I did not hurt myself during the process. 

It is hard to do anything by yourself. So,  anybody in the camp needs  a friend to be their boat buddy. The boat buddy is basically doing things like: flipping the boats around,  help his buddy if  he need. However, my boat buddy likes to  do things by himself. So, I did not help him a lot.

Nobody is a genius at building boat. The guiding teacher taught us one small step first, finish that step, and keep building. Nobody has not made any mistakes during the long process. Sometimes, people were a little bit behind the other person, so the teacher helped him/her out, sometimes they cannot do the work by themself, they need help, the buddy and teacher will both help him/her. 

The most interesting step in these difficult processes is paint the boat which is after making the model of the boat. It’s interesting because you get to choose your boat’s color, but the inside color must be light because if not, it will absorb a lot of heat and get the chance to burn. After all, the long process needs a lot of patience. 

After building the boat, I learned this about myself. If you focused on something and have a lot of patience, you can do [something] it very well.


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