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The New York Knicks are Just Bad

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    Admit it, even if you are a fan of the New York Knicks, that they are just straight garbage 😂😂😂.They haven’t been making the playoffs for seven straight years. And, they don’t even have a superstar on the team.I am glad that I am not a New Yorker, or I am not a fan of the Knicks. Let’s give some examples of how their manager execute the business!In the past Summer, the best scorer currently in the NBA, Kevin Durant was changing team. Every team in the league wanted to sign him. The Knicks  got the chance to sign him because of their 4 billion salary space, but their execution was so funny😂😂😂.

We all know KD was Archille injured, but every team still provided him with the best salary including his injured year. However, Knicks for some reason, did not even gave him a contract of including the injured year, which would lower the salary for Kevin Durant.

And, the result is KD did not sign with the Knicks.👍👍Even Knicks fan are crying about their “intelligent” manager for not signing any superstars in the past few years, he cried to the camera: “This year, we still didn’t get any of the stars on the market, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or D’angello Russell.”

All I got to say is that, it’s true what he said, "they are garbage." The manager doesn’t know how to manage the team. Stephen A. Smith even once said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, when last time Knicks won a championship, I was a kid. I’m now 52 years old. It’s been 47 years.” So I think the manager should do a better job managing the team.

At least to make the playoff once.


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