Repairing my Basketball Court Part 1
The Pool House: Part I

The Ankle Sprain!

A good day gone bad


Injuries will destroy an athlete’s career. Nobody likes it. I just got a little ankle sprain when I was playing basketball in my friend’s backyard. I did not expect the injury, and it hurt so much when I rolled my ankle. Because of this injury, I cannot do any activity for one week, which is frustrating!

On Friday, my friend texted me to see if I wanted to come over and play basketball with me and some other friends. I responded, "sure," since I didn’t have other things on my schedule. My mom dropped me off at his house. I went and played "2v2" with them. Unfortunately, they were so much smaller than me, So I could just take shots over them, get on the post, and do whatever I wanted on the court.


Then the bad thing happened. When I was setting another “Spam Screen” to my teammate, he passed me the ball, and I went for a left-hand hook layup. I landed my left leg on the boundary between the land and soil, which has a elevation difference. And, as you know, that is how most of the ankle sprain happened during basketball. Since I was looking to see if my hook shot went in the basket, I did not even realize I stepped on the boundary; however, a sudden pain hit me. I realized that I stepped on the boundary. I tried to balance myself, but I couldn’t! It was getting worse. My knee started to hurt because my Achille's heel and my thigh were in opposite directions.  At last, I rolled over my whole ankle, and it began to hurt even more! So, my friend held me up and asked if I was okay. He brought me some ice, and I did not play with my friends for the rest of the hangout.


Spraining my ankle is an enlightenment for me. Now I do warmups and stretches before sports, which, hopefully, will prevent injuries .



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