Ye Gong Hao Long
The Ankle Sprain!

Repairing my Basketball Court Part 1

                               Hanging out with my Friends

Everybody likes to hang out with their friends.Two of my friends came over and we were cleaning my basketball court and playing basketball together.It was a good experience to get my court cleaner,  and also a good opportunity to hang out with my friends and had fun.There was leaves, dirts and other stuffs slippery that will make you slide around the court, so we decided to clean the edges of the court first.


We were raking around the edges to combine them into one corner, and we used gloves to pick up all the dirts and leaves after we gathered all the stuffs together. Then, we decided to draw free throw line and three point line around the court; we first used my iPad to find how long is the distance from the hoop to free throw line, we then use a hard tape to measure down the distance, and put two tapes on the floor, and use paint to draw a line. Although it’s only one line, but we are still proud of our work, we knew we are going to finish the whole court for the Summer. The whole process was fun. We played some basketball after that, and we are trying to reschedule a time to get together and make my court even better.We made my basketball court better and our friendship stronger, and this was a good way to spend the day hanging with friends.


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