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The Pool House: Part I

A bad job made fun...

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Everybody likes to hang out with their friends, and a special way for me and my friends to hang out was to clean the dirty pool house at my new house that had not been cleaned in eight years. Yesterday, my friends, Chris, Tyler came to my house to help me with chores. Rather than cleaning the basketball court like last time, this time we decided to clean up the poolhouse which hasn’t been opened for years.The pool house was smelly and full of furnitures, so we decided to move the furnitures out first, wipe the walls and use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the rug.Then, a sudden surprise hit us while we were moving the furniture around the pool, we found a dead mouse around the corner of the wall. I was really scared since there have to be germs around that area, since it had been dead for so long! I asked my mom to brought disinfection water to us. Then, I put disinfection water around the corner of the mouse’s dead body , Tyler used broom to put it into a plastic bag, and we threw it into the forest. After that, we just cleaned up the walls and vacuum the rug.After all of the work, at the end of the day, we were exhausted of doing the chores. And, we just chill at the basketball court for a while. It was a experience for me of how to do chores, and we had a lot of fun.





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