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Winning is addictive

Work Hard to Win

What makes a good basketball player



    In order to become a great basketball player, you need a lot of things. You need to have a work ethic, the competitiveness, shooting , dribbling, passing skill and stamina.  If you cannot make shots in the game, you will not score in games. If you don’t know how to dribble, you will get tons of turnovers in games. If you do not have the passing skill, you will not be able to work with the team. You will not have the stamina to run up and down the court, and you will not even be able to follow the pace of the game; however, among all of these skills, having a work ethic and being competitive is the most important , because if you have a work ethic, you will get better on all the hard skills;  and  if you have a competitive mindset, you will care more about winning or losing games.


Having a Work Ethic is important. If you do not have a work ethic on, you will never succeed.Just like basketball, if you already have work ethic to endure the pain and exhaustion of practicing, then you will be succeeding in games, too. For example: when Michael Jordan did not enroll in his high school basketball varsity, he did not gave up, he put in the work ethic, he was willing to reach his goal by sacrificing everything.He began to workout in the gym until night, he started to do tons of pull ups in order for him to grow taller, he also began to train a lot. He began to practice by himself in the morning, play with the Jv  players for two hours in the afternoon and play with the Varsity players for two hours at night in Summer. Chances are, opportunities are for the people who worked hard and have that diligent work ethic. At the end, Michael Jordan not only made the team, also went on and became the best basketball player of all time.This story told us nothing comes easy, even the “god of basketball” worked hard on basketball. So, when we see how the best performed, we should also see how much effort and work ethic they put off the court to make them better.As the story showed you, the differences between an average basketball player and a legend player is just all depending on the work ethic.


If work ethics are the most important thing in basketball , then the competitiveness would be the second most important for a player’s development in basketball.If you do not have the dedication to winning, then you are not paying the biggest effort.Another example for the dedication of winning was Michael Jordan himself again. When he played in the 1980s, facing the bad boy pistons. He was hand checked , fouled by the players every time they played the bad boys . The bad boys even made a rule called the Jordan Rule. The rule was to limit Jordan’s scoring ability, anytime Jordan is in the air, the people around him would tackle him to the ground to prevent him from scoring an and one. For three straight years, they met at the eastern conference finals, and the Bulls lose to them every time.However, Jordan’s dedication to winning and competitiveness did not let him give up. He began to train as hard as he could, because he wanted the champion ring badly. He began to lift more weights to let him become stronger in order to prevent the bad boys’ contact with him in the air. It worked out in the end, on 1991, Jordan first defeated the Bad Boy Pistons and finally won his first champion ring.This story told us that in order to be successful at something, you first need to have the dedication like Michael Jordan first, and then keep working as hard as you can to reach the goal.



No one truly wins without dedication and hardwork!



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