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Ye Gong Hao Long

             The Man and the Dragon


Once upon a time, there was a rich man in China’s Qing dynasty who really liked Dragons, but he never believed that dragons were real. However,  he put posters of dragons all around his house, wrote myths about the dragons and prayed everyday before a dragon’s portrait.

As the time went on, the mysterious dragon, who lived in a sky palace where all the gods live, noticed that the man was praying to him every single day. The dragon was grateful for this effort, and he decided to visit the man, so one day, when the man was praying in front of the dragon’s poster, the dragon came from the sky palace into the house. The man freaked out and ran to the other side of the house. The dragon tried to calm him down and said, “ Hi, I am the dragon you prayed to everyday. I am here now to say thanks for the prayer . " The guy did not even listen to the dragon he prayed to everyday; he thought the dragon was a mysterious thing that never existed; he was scared of the dragon,  and he ran quickly out of the house. The dragon was confused and said “ How come you are running away from me? I thought you liked dragons.” 

This story shows that even when we see the truth behind things, sometimes we don’t want to accept it is real.


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