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Different Ways of Education

The balance between China and America

Chinese Education is a big problem. In China, every kid starts to learn Olympian Math at a young age, and because middle school acceptance see Math contests really important, so all of Chinese parents made the kids to study Math. However, the problem is some kids lost their childhood experience because of studying Math all day. 3775108B-97B7-4B91-B3F0-A64F865AA728

After I compared American’s education with Chinese education, I discovered the young kids of America just hangout with their friends, go to museums, and play sports. However, the Chinese students go to Olympic Math all day long, which I think is useless to start at such a young age. 

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Winning is addictive

Making a habit of Winning

As an old saying goes, “Winning is a habit.” When you want something badly enough, you will reach that goal by putting in the effort; you will taste that joy and that desire; and even more, you will work harder to reach that goal and to reach that feeling of joy again.


I knew this joy because I experienced this joy. I started playing basketball in fifth grade, and I deeply fell in love with the game. I liked how the the player’s connect, how you score for the basket, and how you fight for the rebound. However, when I came to the town of Concord from Shanghai, my basketball skills were pretty bad compared to other kids in town who had been playing travel ball for three or four years.

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