Work Hard to Win
Different Ways of Education

Winning is addictive

Making a habit of Winning

As an old saying goes, “Winning is a habit.” When you want something badly enough, you will reach that goal by putting in the effort; you will taste that joy and that desire; and even more, you will work harder to reach that goal and to reach that feeling of joy again.


I knew this joy because I experienced this joy. I started playing basketball in fifth grade, and I deeply fell in love with the game. I liked how the the player’s connect, how you score for the basket, and how you fight for the rebound. However, when I came to the town of Concord from Shanghai, my basketball skills were pretty bad compared to other kids in town who had been playing travel ball for three or four years.


I wanted to make the Travel A Team desperately, even though I knew it was not going to be a easy path, so I began to train as hard as I could for the Summer: I began to practice and enhance my skills at shooting, dribbling, defending, agility, footwork and also my athleticism for at least two hours per day. Then, when I went to try out for the team, everything just went smoothly. I was so confident when I left the tryout that there was no way I am gonna be cut from the 50 kids.



The result was the same as I thought—I made the team! However, I did not immerse in  joy for long. When I heard that there was a varsity basketball team at my school, I began to see that as my prey again. I knew I had the confidence to work as hard as I could, then I would also make the Varsity team at my school—just like a hunter always gets his prey. 


Winning is a habit you can learn and practice. After you make winning a habit, you will want to taste that success again and again, and you will work even harder. When you got into the habit of winning, you will work harder and, you will try to reach more difficult goals. 


Nothing should stop you from reaching your goal of winning.



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