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December 2020

Man Versus Nature

The Cost for The man’s arrogance

Now his fate is certain. “The man was shocked. It was as though he had just heard his sentence of death” 

     No man should think they are more powerful than nature. In Jack London’s short story “To Build a Fire,”  the man was trying to challenge the nature and he lost.In the story, below 70 degree Fahrenheit, the man was trying to get to the boys in camp by himself. On his way to the camp, he would have to cross  a small stream and he discovered the nature is more powerful than him. The man fell into water, while he was walking across the stream. In order to keep his body from freezing, he had to build a fire as quickly as possible, except he did not outsmart nature.

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Revenge and Courage

The Madness of Captain Ahab


Captain Ahab, all of this is madness.  The whale has taken your leg again.  begged Starbuck. Ahab turned away.  Then he spoke. “This hunt was rehearsed by you and me a billion years before this ocean came to be.  Fate cannot be changed!


Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville, is an adventure novel set on a whaling ship in the the 19th century. People were trying to obtain whale oil to provide fuel for their lamps, machines and technologies. However, their excessive killing angered the king white whale. On a previous trip to capture the whales, the Captain, Ahab, lost his leg to a white whale, which fueled his desire for revenge and  to kill the white whale. 

     Ahab is willing to risk his his life and his crew’s life to get his revenge. His crew still respected his behavior. In the final chapter, Ahab and his crew are trying to kill the white whale; however, it was the whale who killed Ahab.

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