Man Versus Nature
Newton's Third Law of Physics

Risk and Reward

Stop thinking about it. Just do it...

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Accept the challenges, so you could feel the exhilaration of victory.

What exactly is a challenge? For some, it is climbing the highest mountain; for some, it is getting up early in the morning; and for some, it is taking a long walk. Do something under pressure, do something hard and boring because taking on challenges is what makes you better and separates normal from greats. If you want to improve your life, you take on challenges, learn from your mistakes, and stop making excuses.

Improving your life doesn’t come easy. Taking on challenges improves your life.. Take on challenges. Do something under pressure and do something hard and boring because challenges are what makes you better. Taking on challenges separates the good from the great. Everyone has challenges, but the ones who look at them as motivation succeed. When Stephen Hawking studied cosmology at the university of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. The doctor predicted he would not live longer than two years; however, Hawking not only proved the doctor’s prediction wrong, but he also became one of the most famous cosmologists in our world. Taking on challenges, not only makes you work harder, but taking on challenges forces you to learn your own weaknesses. Do what others do not want to do and wait for success to come. It is key for us to learn from our  weaknesses, to overcome obstacles, and to improve our lives. It all begins with accepting a challenge.

If you mess up, you messed. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Excuses don’t move you forward , they hold you back from failures. Everybody make mistakes, so everybody messes up sometimes, but it is more important to admit your failure and be able to get back track.In the playoff game against Jazz,  Kobe Bryant air balled four three pointers in a roll, which contributed to their loss. Then, Kobe went straight into the gym, and shot three pointers for that entire night. He had the courage to take the shots, but also took the responsibilities and did not make any excuses for it. The point is : if you made a mistake, you have to be resilient, you are not just going to give up and make excuses for it. Think about how you made mistakes, and put in the effort to change the situation around. 

Stop making excuses. Be someone better. Take on challenges. Improve your life. Admit your failures and learn from your mistakes. 

Anyone can do this.


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