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If you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours…

~Old New England Saying

The weather is everywhere always—and we can’t escape it. At any given time it is sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, stormy hot, cold, humid, dry, sleety, windy and combinations of everything.. The weather not only affects the environment we live around everyday, but it also affects our moods and behaviors. 

Here are my top three weathers that I like and how they affect me.

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3: The Sun…

Everybody likes it when it is sunny and warm.  I enjoy the sunshine; I enjoy going for walks, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. A sunny day also changes the world around us by making it more vigorous and alive. It make the flowers and trees grow. It makes the birds sing, and it makes people go out into nature. The only bad thing about the sun is getting a sunburn. 

Maybe that’s why it’s only number 3.

On to number 2…

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2: The Wind…

Wind is everywhere, even if you can’t feel it. I like it when the wind cools me down after playing basketball. I like it when the wind cools me down on a sweltering day, I like it the most when the wind cleans the air of pollution and pollen and germs and makes it easier to breathe, and when it is a windy day, it just makes me feel. There’s one thing better than sun and wind…

On to number ONE!!!

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1: The Snow…

Snowing is the third weather that I liked the most. It decorates the environment with white everywhere: the snows are on top of the roofs and covers the ground and make the trees look white. It not only decorates the whole environment, but also, if the snow is big enough, I might also get a snow day, and then I can just relax and have fun at home away from boring school.





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