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I am a part of everything I have read.

~Theodore Roosevelt

Are you a book lover? I am not, but reading helps me write. Writing is hard, but reading will give you more ideas about how to express feelings and emotions. Here are my Top-Three favorite books that I have read. 

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If you like a graphic novel about revenging and adventures, then The Odyssey will be a book for you. The book was about how Odysseus got lost after he won his battle , and never got released by the gods until 10 years after. During that period of time, other suitors on  Oddyseus’s island took over his house until he finally came back. I liked the graphic novel about how Odysseus had strategies about how to get rid of the suitors. He pretended to gather the information first, then take down the suitors gradually. 

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If you like crazy stuff that happens in the campus, then The Chocolate War must be a book for you. It talked about how in a school called The Trinity, a secret organization controlled everything in school. However , our main character, Jerry Renault had conflicts with the leader of the secret organization, by not following their rules. I liked the book, because the leader and Jerry Renault were both playing it smart on trying to change others opinions. 

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If you like a book about the dystopian future, then you must like the giver. It talked about how the main character of the book, Jonas was selected to become a special role in their dystopia community, to help the community make decisions since none of the other members had feelings. So, he decided to find a way to save the community.  I liked the giver, because of how Jonas never felt hopeless about the community situation and just gave up. He was trying his best to help them. 

These are my tops threes books to read. Each of these three books teach us morals and how to deal with hardships in life--and everybody deals with hardship at some point in their lives.

So, what are your tops threes books to read? 


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