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Don't let school interfere with your education

~Mark Twain

Almost every kid in the U.S goes to school, but not every kid gets treated equally. Since class size is usually smaller in private schools, students more likely than not will receive more attention from the teachers. What helps students the most in private schools is individual attention and a teacher’s help. In a private school, the teachers can help their students more often than public school teachers can help their students. The math is simple: private school teachers have less students. These are the facts...

There are totally thirty-four thousand kids in private school; however, on the other end, there are 50 million kids in public school, which gets us ten-times more kids in public school to private school. Considering that amount of teachers and students, it is only logical that private school students get more attentions and helps. Since, the teacher will encourage more participation because of less students, students will receive more feedback and there is more opportunity for them to answer questions and participate.  

Not only there is less students at a private school, but the students are more respectful and polite, because private schools could choose which students could attend their school, A study from states that students in private schools are likely to go to college, and they also do better on standardized tests; moreover, the academics are often higher than public schools.  So, it is pretty clear that the benefit for getting in a private school is to become a better student that is more prepared for the world. 

However, there are also reasons to support why public school are better than private school. Public schools do attract better teachers, because of salary and the fact that public school teachers need to have a teachers degree. Private school teachers do NOT have to have a teaching degree. Public school do have a better community-centered environment than private schools, and they also provide more help to students who struggle more. Private school students may get better education, but public schools are less discriminatory; they serve their local communities, and they offer more services for struggling students--and they are free, while private schools mainly serve whoever can pay.

The choice is always difficult to make.


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