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Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 12.51.00 PMLuck is a burst of skill...

~John Fitz


You should always try, even if you fail. Before, I thought of myself as a decent, but not great, soccer player. However, being in the right place at the right time gave me confidence as a soccer player.


     It was a sunny Thursday, (what time of year) during a normal cohort recess. We went out on the turf, and decided to play some World Cup on a sunny day. World Cup is a game where there are two goalies, and everybody tries to score a goal past them and get the ball into the net. So, the game started. I was not being active at all during the game. I was just hoping to get an easy goal whenever the ball came close to the net.

     So, here came the ball, dribbled by Charlie Hood, ( if you do not know him, he is all about being flashy and fancy, rather than just scoring that goal in the net, ) he took a couple dribbles and finally took the shot at the goal, which was blocked by the goalie, the ball rolled inside out, and I was right there for the opportunity, so I kicked the ball as hard as I could  and scored the goal. To my surprise it went in!.

    Before I scored the goal, I never thought I was able to hit that shot. But, that goal gave me the confidence to compete in soccer. I was amazed how I scored that goal. To be honest, scoring a goal in soccer is not like in other sports.  In soccer, you need not only skill, but also luck. You need to be in the right place at the right time to score a goal. Luckily (or skillful) I was in that place at the right time.

    Try it--it worked for me!



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