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The Power of Respect

When a small gift is a big deal...

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Men are only respectable only as they respect

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respect is when you give admiration someone for something they did unusual or extraordinary. I have great respect for the job of teachers , since they basically affect how a kid learn new things and control the environment of a school. Respect does not have to be anything special, you can just say thanks when the teachers did you a flavor or something.

In my school, Mr. Jude, our Spanish teacher lets us study, and even compete with each other, live on Quizlet at the same time. The winner team gets candies every time. However, those candies are not given by the school, but purchased by Mr. Rude. We play this same game every Spanish class throughout the school year, and I know that it must cost my teacher a decent amount of money for him to do this every day we have class--and that is a small gesture, so, I decided to always say thanks whenever I get the chance to receive candies from him. It is a small gesture, but it it is my way to pay respect to someone I admire--Mr. Rude!!!.

Sometimes respect is the biggest support you can give to a person to inspire them to keep up their good behavior. I paid respect to Mr. Rude, since I want him to know that his behavior is appreciates by others, and especially me.

So who do you respect?

And why? ...


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