The Not So Bad Week
The Old Me

Mr. Fitz Shows Up

A not so welcome surprise...

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Sometimes the biggest disappointment leads you to the right place

~Cary Graeber

After school today, I was laying on my sofa playing Minecraft and just taking a break before my rowing practice later this afternoon, but then the bell rang.  ‘It can’t be my tutor Mr. Fitz,” I thought. ‘I am enjoying my one-hour break until I have to get in the car and go to my exhausting rowing practice on the Charles River, in Cambridge.

    Then, I heard a voice talking to my grandma, and then my grandma said in her broken English: “How are you?” and I realized Mr. Fitz is taking away my only break of the day. In the beginning I was angry, then turned to anxious about if I will last after a tiring school day--and I still have not ate lunch yet. 

    However, life is full of surprises, and you do not know what to expect next. I try to figure out the best solution for everything, but sometimes things just do not work out, but just like Mr. Fitz coming up the stairs and me getting ready to have a tutor session. Sometimes, you just have to deal with it and just do it.

    And, the irony is writing about my disappointment when I do not feel like writing. I would rather relax on the crouch, or maybe I could be playing basketball, finishing my Minecraft game, or taking a bike ride—anything but having a tutoring session about how to be a better writer.

    This was not the end of the world, you cannot run away from challenges. You have to figure things out and do what needs to be done. And, this is finally finished. 


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