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The Not So Bad Week

How a bad week got better

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Friendship is one mind of two bodies...


Dang, I really had a horrible last week.

I got called up by the head of Middle School for being late to school; I got my English teacher  mad and kicked me out of zoom by saying “should we start the class?” During the science test, one of our classmates was going so off on the teacher, and he swore five times during the science quiz, which completely made all of us unable hear anything our science teacher said about the quiz. It seemed like my bad week kept getting worse; however, the fact that I got an exceptionally high grade on my math test made my day.

But not for the reason you might think...


There is this competitive environment in my super-accelerated math class. The week before, we had an extremely hard math test on graphing rational expressions and linear equations. The math grade was posted on the end of Friday while we waited for the bus to take us home from school. One of my best friends (and my math classmate) and I were waiting for the bus together, so I jokingly said about the math test: “You can’t talk right now because I’m better than you! You can’t back it up!” Then, my friend opened his grade book and checked his grade and figured out he only like B+. Surprisingly, he said “Na, but I can still better you in chess. ” which surprised me because I know he does not like to be worse than me at anything. He tried to change that topic to playing chess--and how I barely beat him. 

We do this every day. We speak the language of sarcasm and continue to bet and compete with each other, and that is how we built our relationship as friends. Friends understands you the most, so you should be able to be yourself when you are around them. My friend made my bad week a not so bad week. 

And that is what friends do...


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