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Three Basic Basketball Skills...

Foul Shots, Crossovers & the "Triple Threat."


Every good player need to spend time practicing the basic skill of any sport he or the plays. Here are three basic skills of basketball...

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    1. Foul shot: A foul shot is a shot you have to take when the defender is making illegal contact before you are attempting your shot. Shooting a free throw is important in the game of basketball, and you should be able to make all of them in games. So, you go on the free throw line, keep your feet before the line, then bend your knees to create power from your legs, then shoot the ball without jumping. Make sure you lift the ball up and push out with your hands on the seams of the ball. Let it go off your middle finger perfectly, creating a backward spin. It will be a weird feeling in the beginning, but practice always makes perfect!

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    2. Crossover: Dribbling is an essential part of the basketball game. A quick crossover might give you an open lane to the basket, or create opportunities for your teammate. Anyways, crossover is just a dribble from left to right. The hard thing about crossover is you have to see how the defender is playing you in a game , and when to use the crossover.

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    1. Triple threat: The game of basketball is all about details and how your defender is playing you. Triple threat, for example is when you caught the ball, and look at how your defender is guarding you. So, you have three options whenever you get the ball, shoot, drive, or pass up the ball. It is all about how your man is playing you, whether you should make a crossover move, attack the basket, or is he giving you a open shot. 


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