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A Grandmother's Kindness

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Respect others. Help others. Love others. These are the keys that unlocks our soul.

~Anthony Douglas Williams

It’s a Sunday afternoon. My grandma is cooking a big chicken soup for dinner.  She fries some dumplings and put them in the pot on the stove. She mixes some onions and tomatoes inside the chicken soup.She put the steak in the oven, and set the alarm to make sure that my steak will be medium rare. That my dad’s steak is better done. While the the food is cooking, she sets up the table, so we will be ready to eat.

    One of my favorite Chinese dishes are homemade dumplings. I like all kinds of dumplings, but pork dumplings are the best--and my grandma’s pork dumplings are best of all! I not only like them because of the taste, but also because they are simple to cook. You can put them in the refrigerator after you make them and decide when to cook them. I am thankful, because I know cooking is not an easy job. And, everyday she cooks consistently for me. It takes a lot of effort to buy the food from the market, wash it, cook it and clean the dishes. It makes me appreciate how much she does for us every day.

    My grandmother is always nice and kind to me. I appreciate her and treat her with respect. This is not just for my grandmother either. You should always treat the people who love and treat you nicely with respect. They do not have the obligation to be there for you. They are there because they love you and want to treat you well. Treat the people who are there for you with respect. 

    Be nice to them. Say thank you, and be there for them.

    Because they have always been there for you.


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