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Mr. Sanborn & Avocado’s

A Small Exploration of Bias

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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

~Henri Bergson

Biases exist in our world, and personal experiences change our biases. Even something small or unnoticed might also change your perspective toward a biase. My sixth grade math teacher helped me to change my perspectives on disabled people and a Netflix series on avocados changed my views on purchasing the fruit.

    A single person can change our thoughts, our minds, or even our life. My sixth grade Math teacher, Mr. Sanborn, taught me not to judge a person before getting to know that person. Although he was deaf, he still managed to teach at my school. He was one of my favorite teachers, and he changed my perspectives on deaf people and other people who have disabilities. On my first day at Fenn, I walked into his classroom. I noticed Mr.Sanborn having hearing aids in both ears. The first time I raised my hand in his Math class, I answered the question to one of his Math problems. And, I also noticed him trying to lean towards me, in order to read off of my lips. I was not sure what he was doing. But then, I realized he was trying to understand what I was saying. Talking to Mr.Sanborn made me to change my perspectives on disabled people; it made me realize being deaf does not stop him from him being a great teacher; and it showed me to be more understanding of people with differences. There are millions of disabled people on this world, but it was Mr. Sanborn who taught me not to make judgements on disabled people.

    If we don’t change, we don’t learn. A single episode of Netflix changed my perspectives on food. The Netflix documentary “Rotten,” introduces how avocados are transported, raised and sold around the world. Avocados are a fruit rich in vitamins C,E,K, and B6. It was first introduced from Mexico to California in the 19th Century. “Rotten” shows how ninety percent of avocados are actually raised--through Mexico Drug dealers with guns guarding the avocados; and how they are then sold around the world, all with Mexican police involved. "Rotten: shows how avocados are transported around the world on ferry ships and railroads, and, finally, how avocados are packed into supermarkets. Watching the episode of ‘Rotten on Avocados’ changed my bias. Knowing how avocados were sold to the market suppliers, and how they were raised in the same garden as other types of drugs (and also protected  by the Mexican drug dealers) made me rethink purchasing avocados. Just like avocados, after learning the American culture, changed my perspectives on America, too. 

    One teacher and one avocado is enough to finish an essay about biases.


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