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Book Review

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Chew on This! is a non-fiction book that exposes the horrible truths of the fast-food industry, was written by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson. Chew on this! introduces the peril that fast-food imposes on the modern world to young adults and children. It gives the history of the industry, the back-story, and examples of real-life situations. It captures the history and future of the fast-food industry that is corrupt beyond imaginable. In Chew on this!, the general theme of the book, as brash as it sounds, is fast-food is bad, and it needs to stop before it takes over the world.

    Omnivore’s  Dilemma, written by Michael Pollan, is a non-fiction book that takes us behind the scenes of how different supply chains’ food were actually raised, despite what is being written on the front label. It shows us not only the way our food are raised, but also how different types of farmers manage to control their farmland.

    The story is told from the author’s point of view, telling the information he gathered from traveling around the country interviewing different types of farmers. He interviews and asks how the farmers arrange the farm’s ecosystem to make them productive. This book would interest the ones who want to know more about the ways and the ecosystems on different types of farm. The author uses citation and data analysis outside the book, to make comparison toward the way animals were raised before compared to now, and how it affects our personal health.

    This book made me think a lot more about the food that I eat, where it’s coming from, and what went into making it. I feel like now I would try to eat fast-food less or never again, even though I had not eaten it frequently before. Not only is it the gross-out material in the book that makes me feel this way, but also my moral values do not agree with the practices of the industry. Why should we be feeding these corporate fast-food businesses with money, when the only things they are giving in return is cheap and unhealthy food. The book reminded me of all the articles about fast-food that I had previously overlooked. This book affected me to the point where I would advocate for not supporting fast-food businesses. This book made a large, lasting, impact on me.

    The author of this book conveys his idea/theme by keeping you interested with real stories and facts. The content is interesting and little known by many. Though it could have been more factual, I would recommend this book to any older child or young adult looking for an informative, interesting, nonfiction book about the practices, history, and problems of the fast-food industry.

Sunny Qian
~ RATING: **** 4/5


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