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March Madness

The Final Game for Coach Kryzweski

Sometimes, the underdogs win, and last night, in the final four matchup between the Duke blue Devils and the University of Chapter Hill Tarheels, the Tarheels upset the Devils: 87 - 77. What made the matchup more interesting and fun to watch, was this game was going to be Duke’s legendary coach, Mike Kryzweski’s last appearance at the final four stage. He claimed to retire at the end of the 2022-2023 season, after coaching at Duke for nearly four decades.


Duke got off to a quick start from the tip-off. Trevor Keels and Paolo Banchero, two of the top prospects in the NBA Draft, scored at will. getting their teammates involved by penetrating to the basket. Duke had tremendous success in the paint, until UNC decided to take their first time out, and start a two-three zone on defense in order to control the penetration of the Blue Devils. The Tar Heels forced  turnovers using their zone defense and slowly putting points back on the board. Caleb Love, from UNC, with 0:49 left on the clock, hit a dagger three on the wing, after Duke decided to switch on  the screen by big man Brady Manek. The shot iced the game, and put the Tar Heels up by four, a two possessions’ game. 


At the age of 75, Coach Kryzweski retires with 1189 wins in his four-decade coaching career at Duke, while the Tar Heels go on to play Kansas Jayhawks, who eliminated the Villanova Wildcats in their final four matchup.



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