Becoming Better...

Sports & Workouts

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

I do not need to prove anything because I am already am confident enough. I know I will not fail because putting in the effort is my first goal. Everything else is my reward. Outcomes determines if you did good or if you did poorly. I can only let my work speak for myself. I don’t need to speak for my work. My confidence makes me calm. Practicing  The outcome is determined by the time you put in. I work out every day to make myself stronger, and I practice everyday to make myself better in my three major passions—basketball, rowing, and swimming.


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Winning is addictive

Making a habit of Winning

As an old saying goes, “Winning is a habit.” When you want something badly enough, you will reach that goal by putting in the effort; you will taste that joy and that desire; and even more, you will work harder to reach that goal and to reach that feeling of joy again.


I knew this joy because I experienced this joy. I started playing basketball in fifth grade, and I deeply fell in love with the game. I liked how the the player’s connect, how you score for the basket, and how you fight for the rebound. However, when I came to the town of Concord from Shanghai, my basketball skills were pretty bad compared to other kids in town who had been playing travel ball for three or four years.

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Work Hard to Win

What makes a good basketball player



    In order to become a great basketball player, you need a lot of things. You need to have a work ethic, the competitiveness, shooting , dribbling, passing skill and stamina.  If you cannot make shots in the game, you will not score in games. If you don’t know how to dribble, you will get tons of turnovers in games. If you do not have the passing skill, you will not be able to work with the team. You will not have the stamina to run up and down the court, and you will not even be able to follow the pace of the game; however, among all of these skills, having a work ethic and being competitive is the most important , because if you have a work ethic, you will get better on all the hard skills;  and  if you have a competitive mindset, you will care more about winning or losing games.

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The New York Knicks are Just Bad

The Crybabies’ of The Knicks


    Admit it, even if you are a fan of the New York Knicks, that they are just straight garbage 😂😂😂.They haven’t been making the playoffs for seven straight years. And, they don’t even have a superstar on the team.I am glad that I am not a New Yorker, or I am not a fan of the Knicks. Let’s give some examples of how their manager execute the business!In the past Summer, the best scorer currently in the NBA, Kevin Durant was changing team. Every team in the league wanted to sign him. The Knicks  got the chance to sign him because of their 4 billion salary space, but their execution was so funny😂😂😂.

We all know KD was Archille injured, but every team still provided him with the best salary including his injured year. However, Knicks for some reason, did not even gave him a contract of including the injured year, which would lower the salary for Kevin Durant.

And, the result is KD did not sign with the Knicks.👍👍Even Knicks fan are crying about their “intelligent” manager for not signing any superstars in the past few years, he cried to the camera: “This year, we still didn’t get any of the stars on the market, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or D’angello Russell.”

All I got to say is that, it’s true what he said, "they are garbage." The manager doesn’t know how to manage the team. Stephen A. Smith even once said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, when last time Knicks won a championship, I was a kid. I’m now 52 years old. It’s been 47 years.” So I think the manager should do a better job managing the team.

At least to make the playoff once.

Inside, Outside

Which is better?

These days, we are all stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.I am lucky because I got a hoop in my backyard to practice basketball during warm days,  but sometimes the weather becomes cold and windy. I tried a few times practicing outside, but my fingers were cracked a bit by the cold and sharp wind, and it did hurt. So,  I gave up my thought about shooting hoops during a bad weather like that. But, I thought what I could do is to stay inside and figure out ways to improve.

The word handle first came to me. So, I looked up on YouTube of ball handling routines, and find the one was most suitable for me. In addition, I added Mr. Irwin’s workout to my routine for a rainy day, because I thought I wasn’t running up and down the court anymore during the rainy days, and doing push ups and squats is a good way to increase my explosiveness, and finally I did the painful stretches that will prepare me for the next time’s exercise and prevent me from getting injured.See, it’s not that different from what I do to improve basketball outside. In fact, I even felt the inside routine for everyday is more useful than the outside’s. The only thing bad about it is I couldn’t make my shooting more accurate.After all, I would say that indoor practices gives me more energy on the court, but outdoor practices help me improve as well.

The Space Jam

A cartoon that will make you laugh....

Sometimes, a comedy cartoon can make your day better. Space Jam is one of them, because it featured my favorite game. It features a basketball game of the Aliens against the cartoon characters . The Aliens however, in order to win, had steal the basketball talents from the NBA superstars. So, the characters team recruit the best player ever lived , Michael Jordan, to play against the Aliens.


Even though the movie is a comedy, you will still discover that the directors put a lot of details in the movie, such as how,  after the Aliens stole the superstar’s talent, the superstars were like idiots on the court. I really enjoyed the movie. When you are unhappy about your day, the movie will make you laugh.

Breaking Ankles

Why Allen Iverson is called the Ankle Breaker

Being great at something means being great at the little things too. I like playing basketball, and crossovers are the essential skills of ball. If you mastered the crossover, you can get by the best defender. This video posted by some user name called Bangboy created in 2018, showed how Allen Iverson get pass defenders.

When you are looking at the video in slow motion, you will discover lots of details of how to get pass defenders. I found this video really useful for me. I can now blow past my defenders quicker. This video shows that little details make a big difference.

Hard Work Pays Off

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 3.05.36 PM

I was kind of worried when I heard from my mom that I cannot practice basketball for at least one hour everyday when spring comes, Since I want to play for the  Varisity basketball at The Fenn School in 7th grade, I need to practice more. I know I will have to put in hard work to reach my goal. When I need to do something challenging, I have to put in hard work. 

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