Inside, Outside

Which is better?

These days, we are all stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.I am lucky because I got a hoop in my backyard to practice basketball during warm days,  but sometimes the weather becomes cold and windy. I tried a few times practicing outside, but my fingers were cracked a bit by the cold and sharp wind, and it did hurt. So,  I gave up my thought about shooting hoops during a bad weather like that. But, I thought what I could do is to stay inside and figure out ways to improve.

The word handle first came to me. So, I looked up on YouTube of ball handling routines, and find the one was most suitable for me. In addition, I added Mr. Irwin’s workout to my routine for a rainy day, because I thought I wasn’t running up and down the court anymore during the rainy days, and doing push ups and squats is a good way to increase my explosiveness, and finally I did the painful stretches that will prepare me for the next time’s exercise and prevent me from getting injured.See, it’s not that different from what I do to improve basketball outside. In fact, I even felt the inside routine for everyday is more useful than the outside’s. The only thing bad about it is I couldn’t make my shooting more accurate.After all, I would say that indoor practices gives me more energy on the court, but outdoor practices help me improve as well.

The Joy of Biking

A  fun experience...

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 5.13.17 PM

   I think everybody knows how to ride bicycle. When I was around eight, my parents taught me how to ride the bicycle. It was a good experience for me. It made my life more convenient because I could go everywhere in Concord by riding on a bike.For example: riding my bike to school. The experience was really fun.

So, I woke up around seven o’clock, and, after brushing my teeth, making my bed, and having a good breakfast, I packed my backpack, and went on my bike to start the journey. During the journey, I got to see the beautiful views around me: the birds singing, sun shining and the sound of the lake.

If I didn’t try and learn how to ride my bicycle when I was eight years old. then, it would be such a regret. We have to try for the new things, because who knows, maybe it might be fun!

Riding my bicycle is not only a good experience, it helps you release your stresses and make you feel good.