Video Reviews

Newton's Third Law of Physics

Opposite Forces

If the apple hit Newton’s nose, Newton’s nose hit the apple.
G.K. Chesterton

Friction is what makes things move, and there has to be a “pair of resistance” every time something moves. This video, made by Science Max, introduces us the Newton’s Third Law, which is how there has to be an equal and opposite force to make something move.  In this video, Science Max teaches kids about friction by using real life examples of things they made in their lab that demonstrates Newton’s third law of physics. 

The video is interesting to me because it explained how friction will work in different kinds of situations. It was worth watching, because it gives me a clearer idea of how a pair of forces work and cancels out each other. If you enjoyed this video, you should explore more about whatever you are interested in!

Breaking Ankles

Why Allen Iverson is called the Ankle Breaker

Being great at something means being great at the little things too. I like playing basketball, and crossovers are the essential skills of ball. If you mastered the crossover, you can get by the best defender. This video posted by some user name called Bangboy created in 2018, showed how Allen Iverson get pass defenders.

When you are looking at the video in slow motion, you will discover lots of details of how to get pass defenders. I found this video really useful for me. I can now blow past my defenders quicker. This video shows that little details make a big difference.