Dear papa,

Dear Papa,

    Today there were German soldiers who came into uncle, Heneick's house while we were paying our respect to great aunt, Birte. They came in, and my heart started racing! They ordered us to open the casket where great aunt, Birte lay. But I knew there was no great aunt, Birte and so did Mama. So Mama had to quickly come up with a lie to trick them into not opening the casket. I didn't know if she would figure something out Quick enough, so I became very scared, but Mama came up with a lie before you could snap your fingers! She said that great aunt, Birte  had died from typhoid disease, and that if we opened the casket we could all be infected.




The book i am currently reading is the "Iron Trial". this book is about a boy named Callum (or Call for short) who's mom died in a magic war. His mom was a mage, (a magician) and mages often get into fights/war's. And his mom was one of the mage's in one of these war's. Call's dad was also a mage, but luckily his dad was not in any of the mage war's. Since Call is a descendant of a mage Call must take a test to become a mage as well. But Call's father want's Call to fail the test, because he is worried Call might have to fight in a mage war as well, and Call's father does not want to loose Call as well. So when Call goes to this test he attempts to fail the test. But he failed to fail. So he ended up going to the magisterium (a place where they teach children magic). And at the magisterium he meets two people that become his good friends! And thier adventure in the magisterium begins!


This book is great for those of you who like adventure and fiction!


I think that "there are a lot of cigarettes available." means that there are a lot of jews in Denmark. Because Papa called Ellen a cigarette, and Ellen is jewish. 

I think that "is the weather good for fishing?" means is the weather good to escape to Sweden by water. Because maybe if the weather is good for fishing it might be good for sailing.


  1. I get to spend more time with my family
  2. School is shorter
  3. I have more time after school to do stuff
  4. global warming is getting better
  5. endangered species of animals are becoming less endangered
  6. it is helping overpopulation
  7. the air is getting cleaner
  8. the oceans are becoming less polluted


Annemarie must have felt scared. Like when she heard loud knocks on the door. Or like when the soldier asked "where did you get the dark-haired one?". And maybe when Ellen stalled to say "Lise Johansen.". Also just think to yourself would you be scared?


  1.  Playing basketball with my family. 
  2.  Binge watching my favorite TV shows with my sister on our couch.
  3.  Watching funny YouTube videos on my iPad.
  4.  Walking in the cold weather by the river. 
  5.  Riding my bike down the road. 
  6.  Playing cards with my mom. 
  7.  FaceTime in my dad every night because he is working in the hospital. 
  8.  Scrolling through YouTube looking for dumb videos. 

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) 


the German Nazi's occupied Denmark in WWll

the German Nazi's occupied Denmark in WWll

I relocated when I moved house's

In WWll there were resistance fighters in Denmark

The jew's were persecuted because of their belief's and or religion in WWll

I took pride in my youtube channel hitting 1k subscribers.


Resistance fighters

The resistance fighters did anything they could to harm the nazis. They bombed them. They hid bombs in the war factories and exploded them. They damaged the railroads so that nothing could be transported. They damaged the Germans trucks and cars. And they risked they're lives to harm them, and sometimes they got caught and killed.