Ellen's woods adventure 

Ellen's Woods Adventure 

She was surprised how cold the dawn was as it touched her face, she only had a light sweater on at the moment. after walking for a couple seconds there was a bend in the path. when she went down that bend she could no longer see the house when she looked behind her. She was now alone. the way she had to navigate was to shuffle her feet and feel for roots, cracks, or rocks In the path of her way. she was trying hard not to stumble. the handle of the straw basket brushed up against her arm and scratched her she shifted the basket and tried to run. she bought of reading little red riding hood to Kirsti, kirsti asked "why do they call her little red riding hood, why not little red riding cloak?" "because," AnnemaKie answered "she had a hood that covered her head." "but why riding? was she riding a horse?" Kirsti asked "well maybe sometimes she rode her horse but not in this story she didn't" she smiled on the path remembering." she remembered more about her reading little red riding hood to Kirsti, then she heard a small rustle "probably just a squirrel or a chipmunk or something she thought to herself. but she was scared remembering the wolf from little red riding hood and hurried along the path. the woods were very dark at night and were hard to run in but she told mama she'd run so she tried and ran into a turn she knew about but for some weird reason if felt like a stranger to her. There was a split in the path she knew one way went to the road where she could be spotted by a soldier and the other way went deeper in the woods. she went deeper in the woods. she thought again of reading to kirsti. when she finished remembering she saw the path get wider and flatter. here there was a meadow that gave light to her form the opening of the trees. "here I can run!" Annemarie said to herself. and she did that. happy that she could get there quicker. the meadow that was usually filled with cows and other animals was now empty. she ran to a place where the bushes were overgrown. The bushes were blocking the light. she slowed but not walking because she couldn't waste any time. she worried about mama hoping that she had already called the doctor. The path then split into two she turned right heading towards the harbor side. she could already smell the salty, oily scent of the herrings. The herring smell had always remained there. Annemarie stopped there was a turn in the trail that lead for her to see the landscape of the sea. she heard a low growl exactly like the one that the wolf would sound like in her head in the story. she turned the corner carefully. she stopped dead in her tracks terrified. There sitting there were 4 armed soldiers with 2 leashes and at the end of them were attack dogs. Annemarie felt about ready to pass

My O.R.B

I am currently reading the lemonade war,

I really love the book and how it gets you captured in the story and how you don’t want to stop reading after you start. My main characters are Jessie, the 2nd grader skipping 3rd grade and going to fourth  sister, Evan the 3rd going into 4th grade brother, and their mom. Evan and Jessie are in a big fight and won’t talk to each other, because Evan thinks that Jessie is a baby and shouldn’t be going into fourth grade. So they make a deal. Whoever makes the most money off of only lemonade stands will take their money and their competitor. Who will win, Jessie or Evan find out in the lemonade war


earth day poem

  1. there is much much less air pollution in the air.
  2. people are getting much more exercise outside because there's no sports or going to gyms!
  3. Coal and oil industrial activities have no workers working, so carbon dioxide emissions have also decreased.

  4. There is no evidence that cremation ashes are increasing the levels of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere

  5. kids and parents are getting to see each other much more and spend quality time leading to a happy family.
  6. people also get to discover hobby and things that they didn't know they liked, for example people are doing a lot of puzzles and knitting!
  7. people have more time to chill and not stress out over work and students don't have to worry about finals and test coming up
  8. there's less rumbling on the surface of the earth which leads to less houses being wrecked and less workers having to risk getting the virus

My answers for number the stars

I think cigarettes are Jewish people in need of help because if you look hard enough for where their hiding then you'll find them. And that's why they said over the phone " he's just one" referring to Ellen. And I think that his is the weather is them asking if the place up there Ismail safe and if there are any German soldiers around the Rosens brothers house

1.nervous, I think Ellen would be nervous because its the middle of the night and a  German soldier came bursting right into Annmaries apartment. and Ellen felt terrified while this is happening. because if the German finds them the johansens would be in a lot of trouble!


maybe she'd be curious. because she would try to ask questions to get the German soldiers off her mind and its good because they got to talk and giggle like any normal kid would at a sleepover



quarantine phrases

  1. going by cars on my roller blades swiftly down the hill
  2. soaring on the skateboard on the cracked roads
  3. up in the air then plunging down on the trampoline
  4. making a shot on the basketball hoop, barely grazing the net
  5. the puzzle pieces fitting perfectly in the puzzle
  6. having so much fun with my family over quarantine
  7. the joyful times of easter
  8. the smash of the colors from the eggs in the yard 

the resistance fighters were a very brave group of fighters who fought against for Denmark. they were brave because they would risk lives for Denmark just to make some insignificant thing for the German army. They bombed factories and sometimes got caught and killed and sacrificed themselves just to help Denmarks army. they sabtatoged the railroad tracks so they had less contact with the germans, but they couldn't do anything about the German soldiers on every corner because if they killed one the others would figure out that one of the germans were killed and if that happened the one who killed them would surely be captured and killed, but all that soldier cared about was that the soldier did damage to the nazi's. 

Number the stars

Here are my answers:

1- the time was in the middle of WW2 and the place was in Germany in a neighborhood named Copenhagen.


2- the resistance fighters were danish people who were determined to bring harm to the nazi's however they could.